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BBC “Poler Bear – Spy on the Ice” Polar Bears Get the Better of Spy Cameras


上のビデオは、今日、BBCで放映されるドキュメンタリー「Poler Bear – Spy on the Ice」から抜粋されたもの。撮影に使われた「spy cams(スパイカメラ)」を、好奇心から近づいたホッキョクグマが、見事に破壊する姿が妙に可愛い。つまらない番組が幅を利かせているホリデー・シーズン中、少しは楽しめそうな、数少ない番組。


Finally long Christmas weekend was over. Christmas day was on Saturday this year, so Monday 27th became Christmas day holiday and Tuesday 28th was Boxing Day holiday subsequently. But the business here is still far from normal and many business and restaurants remain closed, as New Year’s weekend (1st to 3rd) will come in few days time. → check here for UK bank holidays

The video above is an excerpt of the BBC documentary “Poler Bear – Spy on the Ice” starts soon today. Curiosity-ridden polar bears destroy disguised hi-tech “spy cams” – it is cute and funny. Among all the boring TV programs and films during this holiday season, this documentary is one of the few programs enjoyable to see.

TV is full of trash this time and the city is not fully functioning, therefore we will get out of the town for a while from tomorrow. I will restart this blog on January 10th (hopefully). Have a happy new year everyone!

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“Spirit of 1940″ Newspaper Ads / Campaign by Yesterday, UKTV

9月7日から今日までの3日間、新聞に掲載された広告。第二次世界大戦がイギリスで本格化、ザ・ブリッツThe Blitz)が始まり、多くの人々が疎開、食料も配給制になった1940年から70年の節目を迎えたことを記念し、デジタルケーブル・衛星局のUKTVの歴史専門チャンネル「Yesterday」が今週放映している「Spirit of 1940」特集番組の広告で、レトロな色使いとデザインがなかなかいい。

These are the newspaper ads / campaign published  for three days, started on September 7. These nice retro design ads are of “Spirit of 1940″,  a series of programs shown this week on history channel “Yesterday“, a part of a digital cable and satellite television network UKTV, commemorating the 70th anniversary of the year 1940, in which Britain experienced the Blitz, saw the start of food rationing and sent evacuees away from their homes.

The Blitzザ・ブリッツ)70周年を記念し、先日9月7日、セント・ポール寺院で式典が行われた(関連記事)。ザ・ブリッツとは、第二次世界大戦中の1940年9月7日から1941年5月10日まで、ナチス・ドイツがイギリスに対して行った大規模な空襲。ドイツ語で稲光を意味する blitzが、イギリス・メディアによって、この一連の空襲を表すのに用いられた。57日間に及ぶロンドン夜間空襲から始まり、産業施設や民間施設をターゲットにしたザ・ブリッツは、イギリスの多くの都市や町に被害を与え、43,000名以上の死者(うち半数がロンドン市民)を出し、約140万人が家を失った(フォトギャラリー)。

On September 7th, a service at St Paul’s Cathedral marked the 70th anniversary of the start of the Blitz (related article). The Blitz, the German word for “lightning” applied by the British press, was the sustained heavy and frequent bombing raids carried out over Britain by Nazi Germany between 6 September 1940 and 10 May 1941, during the Second World War. It began with the bombing of London for 57 consecutive nights, and hit many towns and cities across the country, targeting both industrial facilities and civilian centers. Over 43,000 civilians (half of them in London) had been killed during the period, and 1.4 million people became homeless in London alone (photo gallery).

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The Sky Arts Street Galleries: Rankin

芸術・アート専門チャンネルSky Artsが、イギリス人の人気写真家・Rankinと組み、イギリスの6都市(ロンドン、マンチェスター、バーミンガム、エジンバラ、ニューキャッスル、リバプール)の街角を屋外アートギャラリーに変えるというプロジェクト「Sky Arts Street Galleries」が8月16日から始まった。

Rankinは、ファッションやポートレートを手がける写真家で、ケイト・モスやマドンナなどのセレブから、エリザベス女王やブレア元首相など著名人を撮影したポートレート写真で有名。また彼の写真は、ナイキやコカ・コーラ、ロレアルなど大手企業の広告にも使われている。慈善活動も行っており、女性の地位向上を目指す「Women’s Aid」の広報キャンペーンに参加したり、昨年開催した「Rankin Liveランキン・ライブ)」では、22年間の活動をまとめた回顧展とともに、1000人の一般人を撮影したポートレート写真を展示、その被写体は£50でそのポートレートを受け取り、その収益は全てOxfamオックスファム)に寄贈された。

Sky ArtsはRankinにStreet Galleriesプロジェクトの作品づくりを委託。モダン・アート(写真最上)クラシック音楽(写真上から2枚目)、デザイン(写真3枚目左)、文学など様々なアートの形を表現した、Rankinの16枚の作品は、ロンドンでは、Tottenham Court Road(トッテナムコートロード)沿いのビルボード、ポスター、バス停、電話ボックスなど様々な場所で、目にする事ができる。

Art-oriented television channels, Sky Arts has launched the “Sky Arts Street Galleries” on August 16th, a new project that will transform the streets of the six UK cities (London, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Liverpool) to an outdoor art gallery, in association with popular British portrait and fashion photographer, Rankin.

Rankin is world famous for his iconic images from A-list celebrities such as Kate Moss and Madonna to Queen Elizabeth and former prime minister Tony Blair. He also has shot some world-renowned campaigns including Nike, Coca Cola and L’Oreal. He also involves in some charity activities. He has donated his services to publicity campaigns for the charitable organization “Women’s Aid“. Last year, he produced “Rankin Live“, where he brought the retrospective of the last 22 years of his photographic work, together with the portraits of 1,000 British public. Each person who took part received a print of their portrait for £50, and all the profits were donated to Oxfam.

Sky Arts commissioned Rankin to produce sixteen images, each representing a different form of art such as modern art (the top photo), classical music (the second photo), design (left on the third photo), literature and so on. You can see his works at billboard, poster, bus stop, phone box and advertising space, all on Tottenham Court Road.

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Beckii: Schoolgirl Superstar at 14 @ BBC3

今日、BBC3ドキュメンタリー「Beckii: Schoolgirl Superstar at 14」を見た。この番組は、「可愛いにもほどがある」とのキャッチフレーズで、日本で人気のベッキー・クルーエルとその家族、そしてベッキーのように日本で人気を得たい女の子たちの姿を追ったもの。ベッキーことRebecca Flint(レベッカ・フリント)は、人口8万人程のイギリス王室属領 (Crown dependency)・マン島に住む15歳の少女。2009年3月頃から、アニメソングやJポップにあわせて踊る自身の姿を、自室で撮影した動画をYouTubeに投稿し、インターネットでその人気に火がついた。



I saw BBC3 documentary “Beckii: Schoolgirl Superstar at 14” today. This program tells the story of 14-year-old Rebecca Flint aka Beckii Cruel, now fifteen, an internet sensation in Japan. Beckii is a schoolgirl from the Isle of Man with only 80,000 habitant. Beckii became famous in Japan after uploading films of herself dancing with Anime song and J-pop on YouTube since 2009. This documentary follows Beckii and her family, and the other British teenage girls who hope to become famous in Japan.

This is another usual program portraying Japan as an eccentric country, though the documentary itself is serious and not makes fun of Japan. There is no cute and innocent low-teen idols such as Beckii, whose fan base is much older adult men. Her Japanese manager said “Lolita in Japan is normal,” but the comment was quite embarrassing. If a middle aged man enjoy watching a very young girl dancing on You Tube or have a collection of his favorite girl’s photography books, like many Japanese Otaku, people think that he is either pervert or paedophile (maybe the same in Japan as well). Also Beckii’s enthusiastic fans give peculiar presents to her such as a big box full of instant Japanese noodles and a base guitar with astronomical postage from Japan.

Beckii’s parents let their daughter do “what she wants”, though they know what kind of people who might like to watch a 14-year-old girl dancing in her bedroom. However, you can sense that they expect some share from their daughter’s success, through their comments and attitudes. Now her father tries to sell her daughter to one of the top producer in UK who took charge of Kylie and Spice girls, to achieve her success in the UK after Japan. Among all these greedy adults, Beckii seems to be the only one who understand the harsh reality – her success may not be long-lived, especially popularity in Japan where a Lolita icon is easily forgotten as she grows old, and studies hard for her GCSE.

The Times Style Magazineに掲載された、日本から「輸入された」ファッション。日本では皆、こんな格好をしてると思われないといいけれど。。。左より、ビジュアル系、芸者ゴス、スィート・ロリータ。

Japanese-inspired fashion (from the Times Style Magazine). Hope no one believes that everyone dresses like these in Japan…From left, Visual Kei, Geisha Goth, and Sweet Lolita.

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