Fog in London

photo by Nicobobinus

photo by Nicobobinus



また、ロンドンは「霧の都」と呼ばれているように、霧が多いイメージがあるけれど、実はそんなに霧が出ることはない。産業革命以降、公害、特に大気汚染が深刻で、石炭の煤煙によるスモッグの発生により、「霧の都」と揶揄された。しかし1952年のロンドンスモッグ事件以降、「大気浄化法(Clean Air Act)」が施行され、大気汚染は大きく改善、それによって霧の発生も少なくなったようだ。


As I wrote in my blog yesterday, it is freezing cold everyday in UK – the coldest since 1997. Temperatures in parts of southern England are set to plunge as low as -8C tonight, and some traffic accidents related to the icy roads are reported. I’ve got chilblain on my foot since my childhood!

London’s latitude is 51 N — many people believe that it is very cold in London, but the city has a temperate marine climate and rarely sees extremely high/low temperatures. Winters in London is chilly, but rarely below freezing with daytime temperatures around 2 – 8 °C (36 – 46 °F). With its latitude, daylight is long in the summer.  But it gets dark around 4pm in the winter, so you may feel the day is very short in the winter time.

You may also have an image of London with ‘deep fog’, but you don’t see much fog in London. In the second half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th, London was noted for its dense fogs and smog, after the industrial revolution. Following the deadly Great Smog of 1952, the Clean Air Act 1956 was passed, leading to the decline of such severe pollution in the capital, and therefore, less fog.

It is cloudy in many days of the year and it rains a lot, but the rain doesn’t last all day. The weather changes all the times – so it is a must to check the weather report at all times. Therefore my browser’s home is set to the BBC weather forecast, which predicts the weather — supposely it will improve by Sunday, so I need a little bit more patience…

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