Inconvenient Truth about Kebabs

flickr photo by emilywebber

flickr photo by emilywebber



Today, shocking news struck the headlines in the UK media – a survey reveals that Doner Kebab, one of the favorite fast foods in UK, contains high level of salt, fat and calories. Among 494 kebab samples, the average doner contained almost 1,000 calories (half a woman’s recommended daily intake), as well as 98% of an adult’s recommended daily salt and 148% of their daily saturated fat allowance, without salad and sauces. Moreover, 35% of the kebabs tested contained a different meat other than indicated one.

Kebabs are very popular, mainly among young people, as a quick and cheap fix, and you see a kebab takeaways at every corner in London. Also kebab shop is one of few places you can eat after 11pm, when most of the restaurants close. It is known that kebabs are high in salt-fat-colories, although media usually only focus on big chains like McDonald’s, (which is an easy target).  Most kebab takeaway shops are ugly, and we are not sure what kind of ingredients they use (unfortunately it doesn’t look like using high quality ingredients), so we rarely eat it – although I don’t hate it, to be honest. Does anyone knows any nice and good quality kebab shop in London??

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