Snow Chaos in Lodnon

snow in Londonsnow in London



Snowstorms from Russia hit Britain and caused the worst snowfalls in 18 years. BBC 6 o’clock reported 20cm snowfalls in London. As I wrote on January 9th, the winter temperature is rather mild in London and it rarely snows. This bad weather led to traffic chaos – road closures, disrupted rail services and hundreds of flight cancellations. Some of the tube lines suspended, and bus services halted since last night. The busy roads in central London are almost empty. Due to the traffic disruption, many commuters couldn’t go to their workplace and many offices, shops, restaurants and business are forced to close. The economic loss due to the weather could go over 1.2 billion pounds. Schools are closed, and emergency service warned people to call only on serious circumstances. But children are ecstatic to see the rare snow, and I saw many kids throwing snow balls with each other and making snowmen.

I didn’t wanted to go out today but I forced myself since I had some errands at the post office. I had a bad feeling that the post office might be closed, but I went out anyway because there was no phone number listed to ask if it was opened. After 20 minutes of walking on slippery roads, and I found out the expected result… I was hoping that the post office workers must live nearby so wouldn’t be a problem. It is a shame that the big and functional city like London got paralyzed with only 20cm (less than 1 foot) snow. American medias, hit by the terrible cold front which is no comparison to the one in UK, was a bit sarcastic about the miserable situation here in UK.

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