New Bag + Shoes from Clarks

Clarks Montana Dream

何かの記事で見かけて、ずっと欲しかったクラークスのバッグ(Montana Dream)を手に入れた。色は、あまり見かけない、くすんだラベンダー色。かなり大きめで、ポケットも外に3つ、中に2つ+携帯入れがついていて、使い勝手が良さそうだ。外ポケットはマグネット式で開け閉めも簡単。人工皮革(Synthetic)だけれど、なめらかで柔らかい。


I bought a Clarks bag, Montana Dream, which I saw in a paper or magazine and fell in love with. The color is rare smokey lavender. It is quite big, with 3 pockets outside and 2 pockets + mobile pocket inside. Outside pockets close with easy-to-open magnets. It is synthetic, but it is very smooth and soft.

The C. and J. Clark , known as Clarks, started in 1825, by  Clark brothers, Cyrus and James, in Street, southwest England.  Now Clarks is one of the leading shoe manufacturers in UK, and spreads its business to United States, Europe, and Far East. I also purchased 2 leather shoes with mid-height heel (Black Cherry and Barley Seed), and I love them as they fit to my foot well and very comfortable to walk with.

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