Google Street View launched in UK

Google Street View: Angel station

3月19日、Google ストリートビューが、2007年にアメリカで誕生してから、ようやくイギリスにも上陸し、物議を醸している。プライバシーの侵害として、多くの苦情が寄せられ、翌日には、たくさんのストリートビュー写真が取り除かれた。中には、首相官邸のある10 Downing Street(ダウニング街10番地)周辺の写真やセックスショップから出てきた男性の写真や酔っぱらって吐いている男性、また逮捕されるところの写真も含まれるという。グーグルによると、人の顔や車のナンバープレートは99.9%ぼかしているというが、昨日の新聞によると、顔やナンバープレートが識別可能な写真もあるらしい。また、家の持ち主は、強盗に家をストリートビューを使ってチェックされるのではないかと恐れている。



Google launched the controversial Street View in UK on March 19, two years after it appeared in US, and consequently it stirred up the debate of privacy.  The next day, after complaints as a breach of privacy, from homeowners and people which appeared in the photos, Google had to remove many pictures, including photos around 10 Downing street (residence and office of the First Lord of the Treasury and Prime Minister), photos of a man coming out of a sex shop, of a man being arrested, and of a guy throwing up outside a pub. Google insists that ‘99.9%’ of faces and number plates are blurred, but according to the newspaper articles, some faces and car registrations were recognizable as of yesterday. Homeowners are also concerned that the burglars may be able to check their homes.

However, Street View is very popular and ‘hundreds of thousands’ of people had already viewed the street shots of London. People’s opinion is divided — some people think that it is cool and useful — like M — but some are upset for the ‘privacy’ issues. As for me, it is a great invention. I can check the photo around the restaurants or stores I want to go, so I don’t get lost. Of course I will complain to Google if I see myself in a pajama from my window! UK is the number one country in the world where has the most CCTV cameras per person in the world, and you are supposed to be filmed hundreds of time every time you go out, so I am not sure if there is any strict ‘privacy’ on the street in UK. The difference between CCTV and Street View is that CCTV is viewed by only limited number of people whereas Street View can be viewed by anyone — so I understand other people’s concern as well.

Streetview has included a number of people dressed as ‘characters’ as a joke, such as Mary Poppins, Sherlock Homes and Wally (Where’s Wally?), and you can find it if you are bored to death.

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