Whitechapel Gallery Reopening

Whitechapel Gallery ReopeningWhitechapel Gallery Reopening


再オープンの目玉は、ロンドンを拠点に活躍するポーランド人アーティスト、ゴシュカ・マキュガ(Goshka Macuga)の、ピカソの「ゲルニカ」にインスピレーションを受けたタピストリー。1938年にこのホワイトチャペル・ギャラリーで「ゲルニカ」が展示された事を記念して企画されたものだ。通常国際連合安全保障理事会の外に飾られているこのタピストリーや戦争や反戦のプロパガンダが収納された円卓を含む、「Goshka Macuga: The Nature of the Beast」展は、歴史的また現代の問題をつないでいるとの事だが、繋がりが弱く表面的で、典型的な「反戦」アートとなってしまっているような気がする。

他の主な展示は、写真、絵画、建築、拾ったオブジェ等をミックスした作品で有名なドイツ人彫刻家イザ・ゲンツケンの初の回顧展「Isa Genzken: Open, Sesame!」。ゲンツケンのカラフルで遊び心に溢れた作品は、コンクリートの固まりや古いラジオの展示等面白いものもあったが、多くは残念ながら私の理解不能な、不可解な「コンテンポラリー・アート」だった。

その他の現在の展示は「Passports: Great Early Buys from the British Council Collection」等々。

After 2 years of development work, the Whitechapel Gallery was reopened on 4 April. The size of the gallery become doubled by incorporating the former neighbouring library building. The Whitechapel Gallery was founded in 1901, as one of the first publicly-funded galleries, and also has a reputation for education and outreach projects as not-for-profit educational charity, especially to the deprived Whitechapel area. It exhibits the contemporary arts, retrospective exhibitions and shows for an interest to the local community.

New gallery’s first exhibition after reopening includes a tapestry by a London-based Polish artist Goshka Macuga, inspired by Pablo Picasso’s Guernica, to commemorate the gallery’s exhibiting Pablo Picasso‘s ‘Guernica‘ in 1938. ‘Goshka Macuga: The Nature of the Beast‘, containing the tapestry hung outside the UN Security Council and a hollow round-table  filled with war and anti-war propaganda, is supposed to connects historic and contemporary affairs, but the connection is a bit weak and superficial, and it ends up like another typical ‘anti-war’ artwork.

Another major exhibition is ‘Isa Genzken: Open, Sesame!‘, the first retrospective of German sculptor, who create fusion of photography, paint, architecture, and found objects into the realm of sculpture. Some of Genzken‘s colorful and playful works are interesting, such as concrete blocks and old radio hanging on the wall, but many of them are another mysterious contemporary arts that unfortunately I can’t understand…

The gallery is also showing ‘Passports: Great Early Buys from the British Council Collection‘ and so on.

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