Trattoria Sapori Pizzeria/Bar/Cafe/Deli @ Newington Green

Trattoria SaporiTrattoria Sapori

Islingtonイズリントン)のNewington Green公園の向かいに最近出来た小さなイタリアン、Trattoria Sapori。週7日休みなし、朝8時から夜11時までオープンする働き者のこのピッツェリア/バー/カフェ/デリ、メニューには、ピザやパスタ、スウィーツ等お馴染みのイタリア料理が並ぶ。ピザ、パスタ、ケーキ類は、全部お店で手作りだそう。直方体の箱のようなこのお店は、外観はいかつい感じだが、店内はちょっとくたびれた感じのカントリー風の木製家具が、いい感じ。歩道に面して大きな窓があり、ぼーっと外を見ながらリラックスできる。天気がいい日は外のテーブルでも気持ちがいい。今日初めて行ったのだが、注文を受けてから作る熱々のピザはなかなか美味。チーズケーキはちょっと重たくてもったりしていて、大きすぎなのが残念。でも居心地の良いこのTrattoria Sapori、また近々行きたいと思う。次回はパスタに挑戦してみたい。


今日、またTrattoria Saporiに行ってきた。日曜日で、Newington Greenで子供向けの催しがあったからか、店はほぼ満席。何とか席を見つけてから注文するまで、ずいぶん待たされた。テーブルは汚く、きれいにしてもらうまで、不機嫌なウェートレスに2度も頼まねばならなかったほど。小さな店の割にウェートレスが4人も居るのに、皆何故か忙しそうにしていて顔も合わせない。メニューは、前回は気づかなかったのだが、誤字・文法間違いを何カ所か発見。Mが指摘すると、働いてるのは皆イタリア人だと言われた。少なくともウェートレスは全て非イタリア人、私たちはトルコ人の店ではないかと思っている(あの辺りはトルコ人エリアだし、トルコ人はイタリア人に見えないこともない)。ピザはまあまあ美味しかったけれど、サービスの悪さ・愛想の悪さが気になった。多分、もう行かないと思う。

Trattoria Sapori is a newly opened small Italian pizzeria/Bar/Cafe/Deli in front of Newington Green, Islington. This hardworking trattoria opens from 8am to 11pm, 7days a week. Popular Italian dishes such as pizza, pasta, sweets etc are on their menu, and their pizza, pasta, breads, and cakes are made on the premises using the finest flour. On the contrary to its harsh exterior, the interior with rusty country style second-hand wooden furniture gives a warm feeling. We felt relaxed sitting next to the big windows and looking outside. It would be a good idea to sit outside table when the weather is better. Today is our first day to dine at Trattoria Sapori. Their juicy and crispy pizza made to order was yummy, but my cheesecake was a bit too heavy and big and the whip cream was too liquefied. But overall we were happy for their food and service – I’d love to try their pasta next time.

P.S. July 19, 2009, Sunday

We went to Trattoria Sapori again today. The cafe was almost full, as today is Sunday and there was a kids event at Newington Green. We had to wait quite long until we were asked to order since we sat down. The table was dirty with oil stains and pizza crumbs, and we had to ask twice to grumpy waitresses to clean. There were four waitressess in the small restaurant, but they all seemed to be very busy and never made an eye contact. Though we didn’t notice last time, we found some misspelling in Italian. M pointed it out to one of the waitress but we were told that all workers were “Italians”. They didn’t learn spelling at school, or they are not Italian?? We suspect that they are Turkish, as the cafe is in the middle of the Turkish area, and they can look Italians (at least to my eyes). It is a shame that the service was pretty bad, as their pizza was not bad. We probably wouldn’t go back again…

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2 responses to “Trattoria Sapori Pizzeria/Bar/Cafe/Deli @ Newington Green

  1. everydaylifestyle

    I am sorry that if they are Italians for real, but it was true that there were some misspelling on the menu on the day we went. Also waitresses were not Italians – at least they didn’t have Italian accent or didn’t look Italians either. That’s why I thought it was not Italian-owned.
    I am not sure how it is now as I have never come back there. By the way, are you the owner or worker at the restaurant?

    The most important thing is, the service was quite bad, at least the day we went there – anyway, I don’t care if they are Italians or not at the end of the day, if the food is decent and service is pleasant.

    I am a bit perplexed why my comment is racist and misleading??? Racist comment against Italians?? I have no clue what you are talking about, unfortunately.

    It’s great that the restaurant is always busy – hope for the best.

  2. Italians they are

    I am 100% that your comments are racist and misleading, this place is owned by Italians, run by Italians and prepare pasta dishes and pizza the Italian way. If you are Italian and have been here you will know.

    The place is massive and is always busy. Their pizza’s and made the old traditional way, unlike 100’s of others in London.

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