‘Home’ French ‘Road’ Movie that Got Lost in the Highway

Home poster

先週に続いて、Renoir Cinemaでフランス映画「Homeホーム 我が家)」を見た。ジュリエット・ビノシュと双璧をなす、現代フランス映画の実力派女優、イザベル・ユペール主演の2008年の作品。イギリスで上映されるフランス映画の半分は、この二人のうちどちらかが出ているような気がする。ちなみに男優なら、ヴァンサン・カッセルダニエル・オートゥイユか。

「ホーム 我が家」は、「高速道路脇の家で暮らす一家の崩壊と再生の物語(東京国際映画祭解説より)」。高速道路建設予定地脇に10年間住んでいた5人家族。その間は何も起こらなかったのに、突如、中断していた建設工事が再開、その数日後に高速道路が開通したことから、家族の平和で楽しい生活は一転した。激しい交通量と騒音、空気汚染にも関わらず、母親は引っ越しを拒み、10年間慣れ親しんだその家に固執する。そのうち母親は神経を冒され、その影響は家族全体に及び、家族全体が病んでいく。



We saw a French movie ‘Home‘, starring French leading actress Isabelle Huppert, at Renoir Cinema.  Isabelle Huppert is one of the dominant actresses in recent French cinema together with Juliette Binoche, and I feel like at least half of the French movies shown in UK starring one of the two. The most-seen French actors in UK cinemas are probably Vincent Cassel and Daniel Auteuil.

‘Home‘ is about a family living on the side of an abandoned half-finished highway. After 10 years of living in the isolated house, the roadwork suddenly restarted and opened the new highway in few days later – this turned the peaceful family life upside down. Refusing to move, the family continue their happy-go-lucky lifestyle, despite the immense noise and pollution produced by thousands of speeding cars. However such distressful life reached to a breaking point. The mother, who was obsessed to the house, became neurotic day by day, and it started to affect other family members.

I enjoyed the movie at the beginning. The movie beautifully portrayed French countryside – nothing but only abandoned road and their house – and their boring but happy family life in the countryside with a touch of humor. It was still realistic when mother gets more and more erratic, with the daily stress from the busy highway. But it was too much, that all the family went crazy, after the father realized that the family was on the verge of collapse and tried to drag them out, but gave up at the end because of his wife’s fierce resistance. They locked up themselves by sealing all the windows and doors with concrete to shut all the noise from outside.  My interest in the movie diminished at this point – and I was disappointed. It was a shame because it was an interesting subject matter, and started good, but then ended up badly. Strangely, the movie review of ‘Home’ is pretty good – did I miss something??

In compare to the golden time of French Nouvelle Vague in the 50’s to 60’s, I haven’t seen an excellent French movie I really love, in years. Not only one twist, but directors often make too many twists, which end up being unbelievable or ridiculous. I think, sometimes real life stories are more interesting than the fiction trying to woo us.


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