Post Workers Strike hit London

Postal Strike @ Mount Pleasant


CWUは、話し合いもなく一方的に、ロイヤル・メール(Royal Mail)が賃下げや従業員削減策を決定していると抗議。一方ロイヤル・メールは、e-mailの普及と競合他社との競争で、昨年だけでも郵便物の取り扱いが10%以上も下落しており、労働組合の要求は、現実を顧みないものだと批判しており、折り合いがついていない。


ちなみにMは2ヶ月以上前にイタリアから送った荷物がまだ届かないのも、この度重なるストのせいに違いないと言っているが、私は悪評高いポステ・イタリアーネ(Poste Italiane、イタリア郵政公社)のせいだと思う。あちらはイギリス以上にストは日常茶飯事、サービスが最悪なのは周知の事実だからね。恐らく、私たちのパスタ・ソースはどこかの郵便局員に食べられてしまったんだろうなあ。。。

A London-wide 24-hour postal strike will begin early morning today on Wednesday (BBC news), AGAIN. There have been  a number of postal strikes in these months in UK, and the Communication Workers Union (CWU) says up to 20 million items of mail remain undelivered in London sorting offices due to recent strikes.

Royal Mail and the CWU haven’t reached the agreement for the dispute yet. The CWU is protesting against job and pay cuts imposed “without consultation”. Royal Mail condemns that the CWU is refusing to accept the reality of declining mail volumes –over a 10% fall in the last year–, as a result of increased competition from other operators and the growth of e-mail. Royal Mail also insists that it has a large pension deficit.

I am irritated by the recent delay in delivery of what I have purchased via online shopping or on ebay. Also I sent quite a lot of ebay items the other day, and am worrying if the packages have reached to the recipients safely. In Europe, workers unions are quite powerful in compare to USA or Japan. It is great that worker’s rights are well protected, but what about the rights of consumers?? I hope Royal Mail and the CWU will compromise with each other and finish this postal chaos ASAP.

M believes that the reason why we haven’t received 2 packages we sent over 2 months ago from Italy is due to the mess of Royal Mail. But I don’t believe so. The real offender must be Poste Italiane, which gets such a notorious reputation in their service in a country where an industrial action is a national hobby. Probably one of the Poste Italiane workers had party and ate up all our pasta sauces…

Royal Mail Cart

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