Vapiano Pizza & Pasta Bar @ Oxford Circus

Va PianoVa Piano


The Timesのレストラン批評家が、ヴァピアーノのことを悪く書いていたが、書かれている程ひどくないと思う。それにロンドンには1軒しかないものの、チェーン・レストランを批評するのって、ロイヤル・ホストなんかを批評するようで、何だか違う気がする。かのThe Timesの批評家がチェーン店のことをこれ見よがしに書くなんて、御託を並べるのはちゃんとしたレストランだけにすれば?と思うのだが。

Vapiano is the German Pasta/Pizza restaurant chain that has expanded their business in the United States, Europe and the Middle East. Vapiano‘s concept is in-between fast food and casual restaurant. Each diner is provided a chip card that records an order at the food and drink counter, and you pay at the register when you leave the restaurant. It is great that I don’t have to wait for often slow service at the table, for a inpatient person like me. Maybe a German style practical system. All dough and pasta are manufactured on-site in a glass room so that customers can watch it, and all of the herbs and salad greens are grown in an enclosed space in the dining area. It is also fun to watch your made-to-order food being cooked in front of you at the counter, when you are waiting. We always order pastas and the pasta is not bad at all, or even better than bad Italian restaurants in the city. The interior of this spacious restaurant with two floors is typical chain restaurant modern with little sophistication (especially red sofas upstairs), but it is comfortable enough to stay for a while and you never get disappointed by finding no table available.

A food critique of the Times talked bad about Vapiano, but though there is only one restaurant in London, Vapiano is a chain restaurant and it is strange that “the Times’ food critique” criticizes about chain restaurant – it is like reviewing TGI Friday in a glossy newspaper magazine. Why doesn’t he mind only about ‘proper’ restaurants??

Va Piano

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