The Times London Underground Poster / Ad Campaign

The Times Underground Poster

今日、地下鉄の駅で見た、The Times(タイムズ)紙のポスター。Mが愛読しているイギリスの新聞で、写真を効果的に使った広告キャンペーンを行っている。2008年9月、ダウニング街10番地の黒いドアの前で笑顔で手を振っている当時民主党候補だったオバマや水着姿の少年等、写真のみで広告主の名前が入っていないミステリアスなポスターが、70のロンドンの地下鉄の駅に出現。色々な憶測を生んだ。その翌週、同じ写真だが今度は「The Times」の名前入りのポスターが張り出され、その謎が明かされた。という鳴り物入りで始まったこの広告、その後も次々と写真を変えながら続いており、新しい広告を見つけるのが楽しみになっている。最近、読者に現在の社会問題を考えるきっかけを作る、新しい広告キャンペーン”Be part of the times‘の第2段階が始まった。

The photo above is a British newspaper ‘The Times‘ poster I saw at the London Tube station. The Times, M’s favorite paper, has been doing this striking ad campaigns since last year. In September 2008, several variety of mysterious posters with no brand name but only images, such as then Democratic presidential candidate Obama standing in front of number 10 Downing Street and boy in bathing suits, appeared at 70 London underground stations. These posters without any message or explanation stirred speculations among Londoners. Then on the following week, the same images with ‘The Times’ reappeared across the images and the mystery was solved. This ad campaigns are still going on with new images, and it gives me an additional joy to look for a new version of the ads. Recently the Times has launched the second phase of a poster initiative that invites consumers to think again about current issues as it invites them to “Be part of the times‘.

The Times Newspaper AdThe Times Newspaper Ad

イギリスの新聞(全国紙)は、階級社会を反映し、Quality Press(クオリティ・プレス)と呼ばれる、中・上流階級や知的階層向けの高級紙と、Tabloids(タブロイド)と呼ばれる中流階級・労働者階級向けの大衆紙に分かれている。階級人口を反映してか、大衆紙の売上げは高級紙を圧倒的に上回っている。例えば、イギリスの新聞最大発行部数300万部を超えるThe Sun(サン)に比べ、高級紙最高部数を誇るThe Daily Telegraph(デイリー・テレグラフ )でも90万部以下である。硬派の記事が主流の高級紙に比べ、大衆紙はゴシップ・スポーツ・お色気満載で、日本のスポーツ新聞のような感じ。でも、ルパート・マードックがタイムズを買収して以来、読者離れを防ぐため、高級紙も柔らかい記事を載せるようになった。




  • デイリー・エクスプレス (Daily Express / Sunday Express)
  • デイリー・メール (Daily Mail / Mail on Sunday)



Reflecting British class system, UK national newspapers could be split into serious-minded newspapers, usually referred to as quality press or broadsheets, and less serious newspapers, known for their small size as tabloids or the popular press. The readers of quality press are typically middle/upper class and intellectuals, and normally working class readers choose tabloids. The circulation of popular press are much higher than quality press – The Sun, the biggest newspaper in UK, boasts around 3 million circulation in compare to the top quality press The Daily Telegraph with less than 0.9 million readers. In compare to quality press with serious topics, tabloids are full of gossips, sports and half-naked women. However, recently quality press start to catch up with popular press and talk more casual articles, trying to keep their readers.

The quality press are known as broadsheets due to their traditionally large size, but considerations of convenience of reading, The Independent and The Times switched to a compact format, and The Guardian adapted a Berliner format, slightly larger than a compact. These are five quality press in UK. Their political stances are conservative/right → left from the top. The circulations: The Daily Telegraph > The Times > The Guardian > The Independent > Financial Times.

Major popular press are listed below. Their political stances are conservative/right → left from the top. The circulations: The Sun > Daily mail > Daily Mirror > Daily Express.

Middle-Market Newspapers

Tabloid Newspapers

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