Daylesford Organic Cafe @ Pimlico Road

Daylesford Organic Cafe @ Pimlico RoadDaylesford Organic Cafe @ Pimlico RoadChedder and Tomato Sandwich @Daylesford Organic Cafe

スローンスクエアを南下、エレガントなアンティーク・ストアやアート・ギャラリーの並ぶピムリコ・ロードにある、Daylesford Organic Cafe(デイルズフォード・オーガニック・カフェ)。デイルズフォード・オーガニックは、コッツウォルズ地方に農場と本店がある、オーガニック食料品店。コッツウォルズにある農園をはじめ、フランス・プロバンス地方にあるワイナリー等、自社所有の土地で生産・加工された製品を主に扱う。コッツウォルズにあるファームショップの他、ロンドンではセルフリッジズハーヴェイ・ニコルズに出店、ノッティング・ヒル(カフェ/ストア/レストラン)とピムリコ・ロード(カフェ/ストア)にも店舗を構える。ピムリコ・ロードのカフェの向かいにはガーデニング・フラワーショップもある。



Go down to the south from Sloane Square and turn on the left on Pimlico Road, you will find Daylesford Organic Cafe, after going through classy antique stores and art galleries. Daylesford Organic, based in Cotswolds,  is an organic grocery store specialising in everything organic from their farms, estate, creamery, bakery and their own kitchen. Other than the Farmshop in Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, there are stores in Notting Hill (store/cafe/restaurant) and Pimlico Road (store/cafe), as well as Selfridges and Harvey Nichols in London. They also have the garden and flower shop across the cafe on Pimlico Road.

Outside in the cafe area, ladies in expensive outfits, an elegant old couple, and a gentleman in nice tailored suits were enjoying a charcuterie platter with a glass of wine, or a cup of tea with cakes – it is completely different kinds of people from ones hanging around some bars in Hoxton. The three-floored extensive store, decorated in white and light beige, was filled with fresh organic meats, vegetables and fruits, and organic products directly from their farms. A variety of dazzling salads, pastries and cakes was there to lure a shopper at the entrance. But you have to pay for these goodies and the price was high –  modest Cheddar cheese, tomato and chutney sandwich cost £7.95 and two-bites size tiny pastry with fig was £2.50. However, the cost worth it.

The products sold in the stores are normally costing the earth, so we just bought eggs and milk pouches. The milk in a biodegradable bags are elegant, ecological, and well designed. Impressive and mesmerizing store with beautiful foods – but unfortunately the grocery is only for privileged few.

Daylesford Organic Milk in Biodegradable package

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