Pieminister pies


パイ(おかず入りの甘くないパイ)は、フィッシュ&チップスと並ぶ、イギリスの国民食。たいていのイギリス人は大好きで、イギリス料理のレストランやパブ等では必ずメニューにある。これはキュートなパッケージに惹かれて買ってみた、Pieminister(パイミニスター)のパイ。オーブンで焼くだけの簡単さに加えて、Free Range(放し飼い)の肉や卵、フレッシュな野菜等、無添加で高品質の材料を使ったパイは全て手作り。パイ皮はさくっと、中の具は味がしっかりしていて、なかなか美味しい。数々の賞を受賞したPieministerのパイは、メディアも絶賛、あのエリザベス女王もお口になさったと言うから、その味は確か。伝統的なビーフパイ「moo pie」やポークパイ「mr porky pie」のほか、チョリソを使ったスペイン風の「matador pie」やタイ風グリーンカレー風味の「thai chook pie」等、趣向を凝らしたパイも作っている。


Pie is one of the British national foods, as well as fish & chips. Most of the British love pies and you can find them on the menu of any British restaurants or pubs. These are the Pieminister‘s pies I bought because of its attractive packages. These easy-to-cook pies, just put it in the oven, are all handmade with high quality ingredients – free range British meat and eggs, fresh vegetable – and no artificial colors and flavors. Its pastry is crispy and fillings are delicious. Pieminister’s pies won a number of awards and had good coverage by the media. Even Queen Elizabeth had them at the Christmas party in 2005!

Pieminister was started in Bristol in 2003 by two men – started from their small circle and took the pies to music festivals including Glastonbury, and people loved them.  Now Pieminister owns some cafés in Bristol and Oxford etc, and their pies are sold at some of the finest food halls, delis, and restaurants, as well as upscale markets such as Borough Market and Covent Garden Market. You can also buy the pies at Waitrose supermarket for reasonable £3.75 (I bought at Ocado, the online grocery sells Waitrose items). The photos below are of the mobile shop on Upper street, Angel. There are only few tables and chairs, but the signboard with yellow birds and nice logo types is very cute.

Pieminister VendorPieminister Pie & Mash

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