David Chipperfield: Form Matters @ Design Museum

David Chipperfield: Form MattersDavid Chipperfield: Form Matters

今日10月21日より、デザイン・ミュージアムの「David Chipperfield: Form Matters」展が始まった。イギリスを代表する建築家の一人、デイヴィッド・チッパーフィールドの代表作や近年の主な作品の建築模型や写真、スケッチやドローイング、ビデオを展示。また、彼がデザインした家具アレッシィの「TONALE」テーブルコレクションもある。

彼自身が「[My work] looks too dull. It doesn’t have enough bells and whistles.(飾り気のなく、冴えない)」と言う(タイムズ紙インタビューより)、品質の良いしっかりした材料を使った、まっとうで奇をてらわないチッパーフィールドの建築は、イギリスよりもむしろ海外で評価が高い。彼の作品は、最近完成したベルリンのNeues Museumをはじめ、中国、日本、イタリア、アメリカ、スペイン、ドイツ等、海外に数多い。確かに直線の多い彼のシンプルな作品は退屈にも思えるかもしれないけれど、何十年とその土地に存在し続ける建築は、その時々の流行に流されない、質実剛健な建物の方が長く愛されるんだろう。


Design Museum‘s “David Chipperfield: Form Matters” exhibition started today on October 21. One of Britain’s leading architects, David Chipperfield‘s comprehensive overview of his work using new and archive models, sketches, drawings, photographs and film are exhibited. You can also see his design works such as furniture and Alessi’s ‘TONALE’ tableware collection, as well as his architectural works.

Chipperfield said, “[My work] looks too dull. It doesn’t have enough bells and whistles.” in the interview with the Times, and his serious and proper architecture made out of solid, quality materials are more recognized abroad than his native UK. You can find his buildings in China, Japan, Italy, USA, Spain and Germany, including newly completed Neues Museum in Berlin. It is it true that his modernistic works can be seen as ‘boring’, but architecture will remain at the same place for long period of time, and his simple and elegant style will not out of fashion and outlive eccentric ‘wowing’ building.

But as a graphic designer, I was more impressed by the line drawings of his works on the walls, than exhibited models and photos.

David Chipperfield: Form Matters

デザインミュージアムの外に展示されている、2011年に、イングランド北部のヨークシャーに完成予定のギャラリー、Hepworth Museum in Wakefieldの模型。
A model of the Hepworth Museum in Wakefield in Yorkshire, Northern England, opening in early 2011. Exhibited outside the museum.

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