Towpath Café: a pit stop for cyclists and pedestrians @ Regent’s Canal, Hackney

ハックニー区内にあるDe Beauvoir Town(ディ・ボーヴォワール・タウン)のRegent’s Canal(リージェンツ運河)沿いに最近オープンしたカフェ「Towpath」。Towpathとは、昔、馬が平底の荷船(barge)を引く(tow)ために、川や運河に沿って作られた小道。今は、馬ではなく、散歩やジョギングする人たちや自転車通勤・通学する人たちで賑わっている。このTowpathは、開店早々、運河を行き交う人たちが一休みする場所として人気で、今日のような天気のいい日等は日向ぼっこする人たちでいっぱい。小さなお店だけれど、朝食、簡単なランチも出来る(メニューはカウンターの横の看板に書かれている)。椅子やテーブル、そしてアンティーク風のお皿も可愛い。これからの季節にぴったりのカフェだけれど、雨の日や寒くて天気の悪い冬はどうするんだろう?と人ごとながら心配になったりする。

Towpath is a newly opened café along the Regent’s Canal in De Beauvoir Town, Hackney. Towpath is a path beside a river or canal, originally used as a pathway for horses towing barges. Now the towpath is crowded with not horse but cyclists, people taking a walk, and joggers. This small café is already popular among them for a little break during their trip, and is quite busy on a nice sunny day like today. You can have a breakfast and light lunch, as well as cakes and desserts with nice cup of tea or coffee – check the menu on a blackboard. Their tables and chairs are cute, and antique dishes are quite nice. Towpath is a perfect café for coming pleasant spring and summer days, but how do they make a business on a rainy day or during cold and depressing British winter??


Grilled cheese sandwich made with Montgomery’s cheddar and came with an quince-and-chilli jelly with the consistency of honey, simple lemon pudding (pudding=any desert in British English) which tastes like soft cheese cake, and cappuccino made with coffee beans imported from famous Piansa roastery in Florence.

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4 responses to “Towpath Café: a pit stop for cyclists and pedestrians @ Regent’s Canal, Hackney

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  2. everydaylifestyle

    Thanks for your comment! Your activity sounds cool, and will stop by sometime when I have a chance ;-)

  3. hello really love your blog! please come back on a tuesday afternoon to visit at the Towpath Café

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