Moo Grill Argentinian Coffee & Wine Bar @ Whitechapel

Time Out誌のレビューを見て、ホワイトチャペルにあるアルゼンチン料理のMoo Grillに行ってみた。リバプール・ストリート駅スピタルフィールズに近いのにも関わらず、何となく寂れているCobb streetにある、間取りの狭い小さなお店で、店内は暗めの照明とダークウッドのインテリアでまとめられ、壁にはアルゼンチンのバーやカフェの古い写真が飾られていて、ブエノス・アイレスの場末の渋いバーにいる気分になる。そんな雰囲気とは裏腹に、日本に行った事があるというスタッフは、とてもフレンドリー。



We went to an Argentinian coffee & wine bar Moo Grill in Whitechapel, which we found in the Time Out review. Located on a desolated Cobb street near Liverpool Street station and Spitalfields, this small place, furnished with dark woods and dim lighting and its walls covered with old cafés and bars in Argentina, made me feel like I was in a gloomy bar in downtown Buenos Aires. But contrary to the atmosphere, the staffs were very friendly with cheerful Latin courtesy.

Moo Grill offers breakfast, lunch, and small appetizers after 5pm which you can enjoy with a glass of Argentinian wine. We ordered Argentinian sandwich Lomito with juicy steak, ham, cheese, tomato and lettuce and handmade crispy fries. It was so good that we finished it all, though it was quite big.

There is also a second floor seating area as well, and they are going to screen the World Cup games everyday with two TVs, one on each floor. Instead of going to a usual pub with a pint of beer, why don’t you try a glass of wine with tapas dishes for your team’s games at Moo grill? We would go if there is a game Argentina vs England, the archenemies (Falklands War, Maradona’s “Hand of God” etc.etc) – would love to see the fans kill with each other!

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