NOW: Chinese Street Food @ Liverpool Street


中国南部の屋台からインスピレーションを得たという「Chinese Street Food」は、お粥、ワンタンスープ、飲茶や餃子、肉まんなど。外から、中国人らしきしかめ面のおばさんが、ワンタンを手作りしているのが見えたので、少し期待したが、やはり、なんちゃってチャイニーズ。ワンタンスープ(£3.99)は、ワンタンの具が少し堅くてドライな感じ。それよりもスープが、甘みと酸味が少し強過ぎ、味にコクもない。見た目は美味しそうな飲茶6個セット(£3.99)も然り。今日のDaily Candyで取り上げられたから行ってみたけれど、失敗した。やっぱり、見た目だけ良い、似非チャイニーズには行くんじゃなかった!

We went to a new Chinese fast food restaurant “NOW”, opened next to Liverpool Street Station. Its colorful logo, wallpaper with Shanghai’s flashy neon signs, and slick interior are just on the trend of modern Asian fast food restaurant in London. NOW is a take-out shop, but also has some eat-in counter seats in its small space, as well as al fresco tables outside.

Their “Chinese Street Food“, inspired by the food stalls and street stands of Southern China, includes rice porridges, wonton soups, dim sum, dumplings and buns. I saw an Asian lady with frown face hand-making dumplings from outside, so I had a slight hope – but it was just another pseudo (and bad) Asian food. Wontons in their chicken won ton soup (£3.99) is a bit hard and dry, but more than that, the soup is blunt and little too sweet and sour. Good looking classic dim sum basket (£3.99) is another disappointment as well. We went NOW because it was today’s pick of Daily Candy, but it was a mistake – I shouldn’t have gone to another good looking but phony Oriental restaurant…

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2 responses to “NOW: Chinese Street Food @ Liverpool Street

  1. I have been trying out their products for lunch.
    Today I tried the veggie wonton soup cost £4.16. Do not bother(!). It is only a big container of flavoured water with shredded veggies, including the wontons.Not filling (and does not look at all like the advertised menu.
    The dumplings have lovely delicate skin, but, prawns, well I can taste as if they have been left fronzen for 2 days).

    Hope they improve on the wonton soup!

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