Boris Bikes’ Electronic Keys Arrived

先週金曜日に始まったばかりの、自転車レンタルシステム「Barclays Cycle Hire」、通称「Boris Bikes」。木曜夜に登録して何と土曜日には到着という、イギリスにしては珍しい?迅速さで、Electronic Keyが届いた。

Evening Standard紙の記事によると、1億4000万ポンドをかけたこのシステムには、これまで2万1000人以上が登録、日に6000回の貸し出しがあったそうだ。管理するTfL(Transport for London、ロンドン交通局)によると、5000台の自転車のうち3台しか行方不明になっておらず(でもすでに盗難あり?!)、破壊行為も今のところ報告されていないとの事。ただ、返却が上手くできていなくて返却後も課金された、ウェブサイトの不調が原因で有効化したはずの鍵が使えない、などと色々問題も起きたらしい。この事を受け、TfLは、自転車を返却後は、緑色のライトが点灯するまで待って、ちゃんと返却できたか確認した方が良いとアドバイスしている。



We received two electronic keys on Saturday for London’s newly started public bicycle rental system “Barclays Cycle Hire” or “Boris Bikes”, after we applied on Thursday night, with an extraordinary speed in UK.

According to the Evening Standard article, more than 21,000 people have registered for the £140 million scheme so far, with around 6,000 trips a day being made. TfL (Transport for London) proudly announced that only three of the 5,000 bikes missing (it’s already stolen??) and no reports of vandalism. However, there are also some problems reported as you might have expected: some riders had been charged more than they used because they failed to redock the bikes properly and accidentally clocked up huge rental charges; and the TfL website froze yesterday and users today claimed their electronic keys were not working despite activating them online. With these complaints, TfL today urged riders to ensure they waited until a green light on the station illuminated, to confirm the bike had been redocked securely.

Another problem is that the daily or weekly subscription charge is automatically levied on all keys as soon as one is used, even if the others are not in use, for people who purchased multiple electronic keys from the same bank account. It means that if we don’t use Boris Bikes on the same day but one of us does, they will charge access fee for another as well?! The website doesn’t have any warning of the case! Do we have to apply another key again, to avoid the illegitimate charge?? It is a public fraud!

Although we received the keys, I am scared to use the bikes until all the problems solved…


There is a 7-digit registration number under the barcode. I erased 3 digits to protect our privacy for safety.

一緒に送られてきた、Docking Stations(駐輪場)の場所を示す地図。現在、ゾーン1内のみ設置されている。

A map showing the locations of docking stations, currently placed within zone 1 area.

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