Habitat ‘Coppa’ Floor Uplight



I’s been about 2 months since our floor light on the mezzanine broke. We had been using table light temporarily, putting on the top of a book shelf, but it was too dark. We had been looking for a new floor light but we couldn’t find what we really like. But the those dark days are finally over today! Finally, Habitat‘s ‘Coppa‘ (£99), which we saw in the store but it was only display model and was sold out, has come back in stock after many weeks. We ordered on Habitat’s web shop right away, and received it just today.

The dimmerable floor light is in powder coated metal, and 180cm in height. Its vertically symmetrical shape is very cute, and reminds me of a tin can telephone made of paper cups that I used to play with when I was a kid. The base is small and it looks that it may fall quite easily when we accidentally bump into it, but I like it as it doesn’t take too much space.

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