Tim Hunkin NEAL’S YARD WATERCLOCK @ Covent Garden

コヴェント・ガーデンにあるNeal’s Yard Dairyの2軒隣、ビタミン類や健康食品を取り扱うチェーン店・Holland & Barrettの店舗ビルに取り付けられた、緑色の時計と人形たち。何度も通っていたのに、昨日まで気づかなかった。

これは、イギリス人エンジニア/漫画家/文筆家/アーティストであるTim Hunkin(ティム・ハンキン)と、インタラクティブな機械仕掛けのアート作品を創り続けてきたAndy Plant(アンディ・プラント)が、1982年に共同製作した「NEAL’S YARD WATERCLOCK(ニールズヤードの水時計)」。



When I went to Holland & Barrett, 2 stores from Neal’s Yard Dairy and a chain of vitamins and health food shop and  in Covent Garden, I happened to find this unique green clock and figures attached to the building above the shop. I have passed by many times but I’d never noticed it.

This is “NEAL’S YARD WATERCLOCK“, and was a joint commission in 1982 by British engineer/cartoonist/writer/artist Tim Hunkin and an interactive mechanical sculptor Andy Plant.

Here is how this waterclock works. Water slowly fills a tube (lower left of ladder) showing the minutes. On the hour, water from a tank on the roof tips a set of cups above the dial, each ringing a bell. The row of figures at the bottom tip their watering cans, filling a tank behind the shop sign. Inside the tank are plastic flowers on floats, which appear to grow as they are watered. Then at the end, the child figure on the left swings out to water people on the pavement below (see how it works on the video below).

I couldn’t find if it is still working, and would love to see if it does.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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