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Graham & Brown Advertising Campaign @ Earl’s Court Tube Station

壁紙やペンキ、キャンバス・アートなどのウォール・アートを扱う会社、Graham & BrownがEarl’s Court(アールズ・コート)駅のここかしこに張り巡らした広告キャンペーン。アールズ・コート展示センターで日曜日まで開催されていた、100%Designにもブースを構えていたから(写真)、その相乗効果を狙ったのだろう。自社の壁紙で、ストーン・ヘンジや衛兵、ティーカップなど、イギリスにまつわるものを包んだデザインがなかなか素敵。

An advertising campaign that is put up all over the Earl’s Court tube station by Graham & Brown, a British company that deals with wall decoration such as wallpaper, wall paint and wall art. The company had its booth at 100%Design that ended on last Sunday (photo), so I guess that it aimed to maximize the effect of advertisement. The design,which wraps typical British stuffs with the colorful wallpapers, is very cute.

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100% Design: London Design Festival 2010

先週金曜日、アールズ・コート展示センターまで足を伸ばし、London Design Festivalの一環である、100% Designを見に行ってきた。→100% Designについては、昨年のエントリー参照。



I went to see “100% Design“, a part of the London Design Festival, at Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre on last Friday. → see last year’s entry for more details about 100% Design.

I am not looking for a business opportunity at the trade show, and it is a pain to get to Earl’s Court on the other side of London from me, but I always decided to go at the end because I am interested in design, though the show looks  more or less the same every year. This year’s design trend seems to be “natural, warm and cozy”, using wood and earth colored textiles as well as recycle materials, rather than plasticky and artificial ‘cold’ design, used to be fashionable together with the wave of cool ‘design’ hotels.

Exhibitors are mainly private design and interior firms as well as material companies, mainly Europeans but from all over the world, but there are also some booths set up by countries and local government to boost and support their design industry. Today I put up some photos of these public booths.


European booths: Norway, Spain and Austria from the top. Also France, Portugal and Czech Republic, as well as Brussels and Turin, had their exhibition spaces.

アジア(韓国、台湾)のブース。韓国は、国のブースだけでなく、個別にも多くブースを構えていた。イギリスでは、最近韓国勢が頑張っている。サムソンやLGなど、テレビや家電、携帯端末でシェアを伸ばしてきていて、日本勢は元気がない。「クールジャパン」を世界へ、とか言ってる割には、100% Designなど国際見本市や重要な場面では一向に見かけない。海外にいると、日本の製品は繊細できめ細やかで、気が利いていて、見た目も美しいと思う。どうしてもっと、デザインにうるさい西欧諸国に、日本が誇るデザインを売り込まないのかと、いつも不思議に思っていた。マンガとかアニメとか、こちらでは至極マイナーな分野ばっかりやっていないで、100% Designでも大きなブースをどーんと構えて、日本のデザインを世界に売り込もうという気概が欲しいものだ。でも、日本人って、内向きと言うか国内での小さな成功で満足しているし、外国に出て行くのも怖がっているように見える。語学も外国人とのコミュニケーションも下手だし、弱気・謙虚すぎてタフな交渉も出来ないし。。。日本人、もっと頑張れ〜!!!

Asian (South Korea and Taiwan) booths. South Koreans also had many private exhibition spaces as well.  Recently, Korean companies has been getting more shares in TVs, home electronics and mobile phones in UK, and Japanese companies on the other hand seem to have been loosing its ground. Japanese government boasts its “Cool Japan” concept, borrowed from UK’s “Cool Britannia“, to sell contemporary Japanese culture to the world. However, I have rarely seen it on international design shows or other important events here in London. I have been abroad for almost 15 years, and I see a great potential in Japanese design which is simple, delicate, user friendly and often aesthetically beautiful, and am always wondering why they don’t try harder to sell them to foreign markets, especially European countries where ‘design’ is important and appreciated. Instead of concentrating on Manga or Anime, which are significantly minor than design, Japanese government should have bigger and better ambition. They could have set up a large booth at 100% Design, for example, and try to sell their design to the world – but I know Japanese are tend to be provincial and scared to go abroad (and their communication and negotiation skills with non-Japanese is usually disastrous, as well as their English), and just satisfied with domestic little success…


Argentine and Brazil were one of the few exhibitors from South America.

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HEL YES! Design and Food from Helsinki: London Design Festival 2010

家の近所に、何度も描いては上描きされてきた、グラフィティのメッカ?がある。元はRentokilの倉庫だったこの建物、David Choeの作品が描かれていた時にブログに書いたが(過去エントリー)、その後、銃のアウトラインの中に地図を画いた、PURE EVILの「MURDER MILE」が取って代わり、少し前に、新しい作品を描いている場面に遭遇したので、写真を撮った。いつものグラフィティかと思ったら、普段は閉まっている建物に人が出入りしている。新しいギャラリーかお店がオープンするのかと疑問に思っていたが、9月14日、Daily Candyのニュースレターで、その謎がついに解けた。

There is a Mecca for Graffiti artists near our home, where several graffitis overpainted by the new one on the former Rentokil depot. Since I talked about David Choe‘s work last year (past entry), PURE EVIL’s MURDER MILE took over the space, and recently I photographed someone working on the new project. I thought it was just another graffiti, but since then there had been people coming in and out from this normally empty building, and we were expecting an opening of a new gallery or shop. Then on September 14, the mystery was solved, by Daily Candy’s daily newsletter.

London Design Festivalの一環として、フィンランド最高の食とデザインを紹介するレストラン&展示スペース「HEL YES!」が、9月15日から10月3日までの水曜から日曜日の14日間という期間限定でオープンしたのだ。ヘルシンキで人気のレストラン「Ateljé Finne」や「Kuurna」を手がけるAntto MelasniemiとFinnish Instituteがロンドン・デザイン・フェスティバルのために企画、イギリスで活躍するイラストレーターのKlaus Haapaniemiクラウス・ハーパニエミ)とアート・ディレクター&コンセプトデザイナーのMia Walleniusなどが加わって作り上げた。Iittalaイッタラ)とArtekアルテック)が特製の家具や照明、食器などを用意。またその他の照明デザインや、家具、制服なども、フィンランドのデザイナーが特別に製作した。

家も近いし、フィンランド料理なんてあんまりお目にかかることがないので、行ってみたいなと思ったけれど、既に期間中の予約は一杯、写真を撮るだけで終わった。食事しなくても、中の見学や、コーヒーやドリンクの注文は出来るそう。昨日書いたWenlock Armsの目と鼻の先、またVictoria Miro Galleryも近いので、期間中近くに来ることがあれば、3つセットでお試しあれ。

As a part of the London Design Festival, “HEL YES!“, a temporary restaurant and exhibition showcasing the best Finnish food and design, opens just 14 days, Wednesday to Sunday from September 15 to October 3. The Finnish Institute and Antto Melasniemi who manages Helsinki’s popular restaurants “Ateljé Finne” and “Kuurna“, planned and created together with UK-based fashion illustrator Klaus Haapaniemi, an art director & concept designer Mia Wallenius and others. Iittala and Artek supplied exclusive customized furniture, lighting and tableware, and the lighting design, furniture and staff uniforms were designed exclusively for HEL YES! by leading Finnish contemporary designers.

We wanted to make a reservation since it is nearby, and it is a rare occasion to try Finnish food, but this temporary restaurant is fully booked during the period – so we just took some photos. But HEL YES! is open without booking for viewing, coffee and drinks. It is just few steps away from the Wenlock Arms I wrote yesterday, and the Victoria Miro Gallery is around the corner – why don’t you try these three as a set, if you are around during the event?


A seating area using textiles designed by Klaus Haapaniemi. The painting outside the building is his work as well – but maybe done by someone else as his hairstyle was different from Haapaniemi’s portrait photo?

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The Wenlock Arms Pub: London Design Festival 2010

家から一番近いパブで、そこを通らなければどこにも行けない交差点の角にある「Wenlock Arms(ウェンロック・アームズ)」の店先に、「London Design Festival」と「Icon Design Trail」の看板が立った。2003年に始まったLondon Design Festival(ロンドン・デザイン・フェスティバル)は、世界で最も重要なデザイン・イベントの一つで、9日間の期間中、160以上のミュージアムやデザイン会社、ショップ、ギャラリーなどが参加、200以上のイベントや展示が行われる。その一環として、Wenlock Armsの向かいにオフィスを構えるデザイン会社・Established & Sonsは期間中、パブのスペースを使って、その哀愁漂う年季の入った狭い店内に、カラフルでモダンなデザインの椅子やテーブル、壁時計などを持ち込み、デザイン・ショールームに仕上げた(詳細)。中にいる客たちも、そのインテリアのミスマッチさと同様、何十年も毎日通っているような近所の常連方と、デザイン関係者らしいヨソ者が混在している。

今のアパートに住んで、かれこれ5年以上経つが、イギリスの伝統的なエール・ビールがあんまり好きではないせいもあるけれど、狭い店内に常連がたむろい、よそ者を寄せ付けない雰囲気(あくまで私の印象です)のWenlock Armsには入ったことがなかった。でも、タイムアウト誌で、ロンドンで「Real Ale真のエール)」が飲めるベスト・パブの一つに選ばれた(記事)、このパブに入るいいチャンスだった。取りあえずお薦めのエールをハーフ・パイント(285ml)で注文。味はやっぱり他のエール同様少し酸っぱくて好みじゃないけれど、値段は何と£1.50。気取ったカフェのコーヒーより安い。

でも、1836年に創業、1994年に再オープンしたこのWenlock Arms、10月か11月には取り壊されることになったそうだ。ウェブサイトでは、この名店を救おうという機運も盛り上がっているが(londonistブログ他)、バブル時代の日本のように再開発の進むこのエリアで、生き残れるだろうか。通りがかりによく見かける、飼い主のおばさんとこのパブに通っている犬(この方のブログの一番下の写真に写っている)も、Wenlock Armsがなくなったら淋しいに違いない。

ところで「パブ」の名の由来は、「パブリックハウス(Public House:コミュニティの社交の場)」だと、今日まで知らなかった。。。

We saw signboards of “London Design Festival” and “Icon Design Trail” in front of Wenlock Arms, the closest pub from us and we cannot go anywhere without going through in front of it. Established in 2003, the London Design Festival is one of the world’s most important annual design events. The nine-day Festival program is made up of over 200 events and exhibitions staged by around 160 partner organizations such as museums, design firms, shops, and galleries. As a part of it, a design firm Established & Sons, situated just across the street, decorated the Wenlock Arms with colorful and modern furniture and wall clocks, and transformed this historical but a bit shabby space into its design showroom (detail). The small pub was filled with mixed clienteles during this time, hard-core old regulars and a design crowd.

It’s been over 5 years since we moved in this current apartment, but we’ve never been to the Wenlock Arms just a stone’s throw, partly because I am not a big fan of British traditional Ale, but more than that, I thought the pub was exclusive to regulars (just my impression) and I would feel a fish out of water. But this event is a great opportunity for us to step into this well reputed pub, which was chosen as one of the London’s best real ale pubs by the Time Out magazine.  I ordered a half-pint (285ml) of ale recommended by a bartender. The taste is a bit sour for me and not my cup of tea as other ales, but the price is only £1.50 – even cheaper than a cup of espresso at a fancy café!

The Wenlock Arms, first opened as a pub in 1836 and was reopened in 1994, however, is now under threat of demolition – not sure when, but probably October or November. There are some people and online community trying to save the pub, including londonist, but I am afraid if they can make it under a big wave of redevelopment sweeping the neighborhood. A dog, which I often see with his (or her?) owner at the pub when I walk by, will be sad if his beloved pub is gone (he is in the photo on the bottom of this blog)…

…By the way, it was only today that I learned that ‘pub’ came from ‘public house’!

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London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011

2011年春秋コレクションを披露するロンドン・ファッション・ウィーク(年2回開催)が、9月17日から21日まで開催中。British Fashion Council (BFC/ブリティッシュ・ファッション・カウンシル)が企画、2月と9月の年2回行われるロンドン・ファッション・ウィークは、1984年に始まり、現在ニューヨーク、パリ、ミラノと並んで「Big Four」ファッション・ウィークに数えられる。ポール・スミスやヴィヴィアン・ウェストウッドをはじめとするイギリスのトップ・デザイナーの作品発表の場である他、1993年よりNEWGEN(New Generation)と銘打った若手デザイナーのサポートにも力を入れている。メインの会場はサマセット・ハウスだけれど、ロンドンの他の場所でもショーが行われている。ファッション・ウィークは、ファッション関係者のためのものだけれど、その直後にあるLondon Fashion Weekend(ロンドン・ファッション・ウィークエンド)は、一般にも開放される。



2011 Spring/Summer London Fashion Week is taking place from September 17 to 21. Organised by the British Fashion Council (BFC), London Fashion Week which is held twice a year in February and September, first took place in 1984, and now is one of the ‘Big Four’ fashion weeks together with New York, Paris and Milan. The main venue for events is Somerset House, but many shows take place at other venues in London. A list of participating designers includes leading British designers such as Paul Smith and Vivienne Westwood, but London Fashion Week also supports young emerging designers with NEWGEN (New Generation) scheme since 1993. London Fashion Week is a trade show, but a retail-focused event London Fashion Weekend which takes place immediately afterwards is open to the public.

I am not a big fashionista, but today we just happened to pass through the after-show scene nearby. We saw many Mercedez (show sponsor) with logos of fashion magazines such as ‘Vogue’ and ‘Grazia‘ as well as large model agency ‘elite‘ stuck in a small street, then some models striking a pose in front of  photographers. The model in black feather jacket looked familiar but I don’t know her name. Fashion models are all beautiful but more or less all look similar  – dresses they wear should be the object of attention and probably they shouldn’t stand out on a catwalk.

I really think fashion is a very tough job: designers always dare to come up with a new idea twice a year; models have to eat tiny apple a day to keep their skin & bones figures; and fashion journalists fly all over the world chasing the fashion trend. Only fanatics about fashion can work in the fashion industry, I guess.

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