Fiona Banner: Harrier and Jaguar @ Tate Britain

テート・ブリテンに「Turner Prize 10」展を見に行った際、展示室に行く時に真っ先に目に入った、つり下げられた巨大な飛行機。これは、今年度のテート・ブリテンのDuveens Commission(6月28日〜2011年1月3日)に選ばれた、イギリス人女性アーティスト、Fiona Banner(フィオナ・バナー)の「Harrier and Jaguar」という作品。小さい頃、父親とウェールズの山々を散歩している時に見た戦闘機に魅せられたというバナーは、Harrier(ハリアー)とJaguar(ジャギュア)という戦闘機2台を、美術館の真ん中を突き抜ける広々としたDuveen Galleryに再現した。ハリアーは、捕われた鳥のように天井から吊るされ、ジャギュアは鏡のようにピカピカに磨き上げられ、動物が従順さを示すように、腹を上にして横たわっている。


When we went to see “Turner Prize 10” at the Tate Britain, the first thing caught my eye as soon as we came into the museum was a huge airplane hanging from the ceiling. This is British artist Fiona Banner‘s “Harrier and Jaguar” for this year’s Duveens Commission (June 28  –  January 3, 2011). Banner, who has long been fascinated by a war plane since her encounter during long walks in the Welsh mountains with her father, recreated two fighter planes Harrier and Jaguar in the Duveen Galleries. The suspended Sea Harrier transforms machine into captive bird, while a mirror shine Jaguar lies belly up on the floor, with its posture suggestive of a submissive animal.

It was surprising to know that this is a work of a female artist, because the work is quite masculine – generally women and machines (especially war plane!) don’t have a good chemistry with each other. The work is pretty impressive with its size and unexpected composition, and a mismatch between an art museum and war planes is intriguing. I enjoyed this work more than the Turner Prize 2010 exhibition, which was the main purpose of our visit (Banner was short-listed for the Turner Prize in 2002, by the way).

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