Tina, We Salute You @ Dalston

このブログを通じて知り合ったブロガーから教えてもらって、前から気になっていたカフェ、Tina, We Salute Youに行ってきた。前にも一度行ったのだけれど、あいにくサンドイッチが売り切れていたので退散。今回は食べ物はまだあったけれど、小さなお店はほぼ満席、相席をお願いして何とか腰を落ち着けた。何か印象が違うなと思ったら、壁が塗り替えられていた(写真下)。今の方がシンプルで断然いい。

ミッド・センチュリーの中古家具やアンティーク風の食器類は、なかなかセンス良し。新鮮な材料を使った手作りサンドイッチも、甘すぎずふんわり仕上がったチョコレートケーキも、共に合格点。今まで書いてきたコーヒーが美味しいカフェで、Union Hand Roastedと共に高いシェアを誇るSquare Mileのコーヒー豆を使い、これまたこれらのカフェで高い使用率を誇る、エスプレッソ・マシンのフェラーリ・La Marzoccoでいれたコーヒーも美味しい。

周りには何もない住宅地なのに、行った2回とも満員御礼。その後も客が入れ替わり立ち替わりやってきた。ブリック・レーンで日曜に開かれるSunday UpMarketで、カップケーキを売る屋台から始まったというTina, We Salute You、今ではすっかり地元の人気店に成長した。美味しい食べ物とコーヒーがあれば、お店がどこにあっても人はやってくるんだという一例だ。少し分かりにくい場所にあるので、行く時は地図検索してからどうぞ。

We finally made to sit down at Tina, We Salute You, a café one of the blogger recommended me for great espresso. We tried there once, but we left without ordering anything, as lunch time was over and no food was left. This time we almost missed to experience the café again as it was nearly full, but we asked other customers to share the table and we made it! I thought something was different, and I realized the wall was repainted (photos below), since the first visit. It’s simple and impressive, and much better than before!

The café’s antique tableware and mid-century style second-hand furniture are very nice. Handmade sandwiches with fresh ingredients passed the test, and their great chocolate cake was smooth and moderately sweet so that I don’t have to feel too much guilt to finish the treat. Another great thing was their espresso – brewed with Ferrari of espresso machine La Marzocco, using coffee beans from an established coffee roaster Square Mile, which has a big share together with Union Hand Roasted at the cafés that I wrote in the past where you can have a great cup of coffee.

Tina, We Salute You is in the middle of boring residential area, but it was full on both days we went. Even after we sat down, new customers came in constantly. Starting from a cupcake stall in Sunday UpMarket near Brick Lane, the café is grown up to become a favored place in the neighborhood. This proves a golden rule of successful café – people will come as long as it offers great food and coffee, no matter where it is. Tina, We Salute You is a bit hard to find, so don’t forget to search a map before you go.

今の店内/Interior now.

以前の店内/Interior before.

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