The London Coffee Guide 2011


最近手に入れた、カフェ探しの新兵器「The London Coffee Guide. 2011」。日本ではよく見かけるカフェ・ガイド、ロンドンにはありそうで意外になかった。パブガイドやレストランガイドはあるけれどね。紅茶飲みで有名なイギリス人たちも、とうとうコーヒーの美味しさに目覚めたか。


表紙の裏には「Coffee Passport」がついていて、各カフェで押してもらえるスタンプを集めると、折りをみて賞品がもらえるという。でも、カフェに行く度に本を持ち歩くのも面倒だし、行く先々でカフェでスタンプをお願いするのもちょっと恥ずかしい。

このカフェガイド、今のところ本屋には売っていないそうだけれど、The London Coffee Guide.のウェブサイトかで買える。ちなみに、利益の20%は、「Project Waterfall」という、アフリカのコーヒー産地の人たちに飲料水を届けるチャリティに寄付されるという。

Recently we got a great tool, “The London Coffee Guide. 2011“, for our café search. Surprisingly, I’ve never seen a guide dedicated to cafés in London, though there are many for restaurants and pubs. I guess that many tea drinking British start to convert themselves to be a coffee lover now.

This guidebook presents 100 cafés for great coffee, categorized in 10 neighborhoods in London. We can find all we want to know about each café in the book: description of the café, its food, coffee pricing, category, names of owner and head barista, year of its opening, and even its coffee roaster as well as its coffee machine and grinder. The book also gives us “coffee rating” based on not only the taste of the coffee but also on the coffee roaster, equipment used, barista skills, visual appeal of the coffee and several other factors that demonstrate the venue’s overall attitude to coffee, and overall rating decided by a combination with the coffee experience and elements such as store environment, ambience, design, customer service and food quality.

There is a “Coffee Passport” on the back of the cover – prizes will be given for its completion by collecting an individual stamp from each coffee venues featured in the book. The problem is, I have to bring this book, not just a piece of stamp card, with me to collect a stamp, and it is a bit embarrassing to ask the café staff to give a stamp on the book.

So far, the guide is not available at a bookstore but you can purchase online at The London Coffee Guide. web or The publisher says that 20% of all profits from this book will go to Project Waterfall, raising funds to deliver clean drinking water to people in coffee-producing countries in Africa.

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