Tea and Sympathy – Lumen Café @ Tavistock Place

Bloomsbury(ブルームズベリー)にあるBrunswick Centre(ブランズウィック・センター)を北に少し行ったところにある、Lumen Café(ルーメン・カフェ)。United Reformed Church(合同改革教会)の一派であるLumen URCという教会の中にある。教会と言っても、Theis and Khan建築事務所により近年改装されたその建物は、RIBA(王立英国建築家協会)のLondon winners 2009を受賞。ラテン語で「「昼光」「命の光」を意味するLumenという名の如く、光が溢れる、広々としたモダンな作りで、宗教臭さを感じさせない。



Lumen Café is located in Lumen URC, belonging to the United Reformed Church, north of Brunswick Centre in Bloomsbury. Its newly reformed building designed by Theis and Khan Architects was selected as one of RIBA‘s London winners 2009. Reflecting its name “Lumen”, “the light of life” or “daylight” in Latin, the bright, spacious and modern interior doesn’t look like a typical church, and doesn’t make me feel nervous.

Opened in April 2010, the café is a hardcore ethical environmentalist, as you can imagine: buying local, seasonal, organic and Fairtrade ingredients and cooking from scratch as much as possible, from cakes and biscuits to pickles, chutneys, dressing and mayonnaise. They don’t sell any bottled water (but you can get as much tap water as you like), and they hate food waste (see their values here).

All the staffs were friendly and nice, and the chef even cooked “Tortilla” for us after kitchen was almost closed. M thought it would be Mexican Tortilla, and  he was a bit sad to see Tortilla the Spanish omelette instead – he doesn’t fancy omelet, as he was “traumatized” by being fed omelet with leftovers from his mother when he was small. However, he liked it and even tried to steal some from me – it is just psychological!

建物中ほどにある「Ray of Light(光線)」。

“Ray of Light” in the middle of the building.


Worship area, looking more like a meeting space.


Corridor running through the building is also used as an art gallery.


Courtyard garden is a perfect sitting place for a sunny day.


Design hotel-looking entrance / lounge.

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