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Kimchee Korean Restaurant @ Holborn

以前、火事の後閉鎖された日本食レストランの(Matsuri)ホルボーン店があった場所に、新しく韓国レストラン「Kimchee」がオープンした。最近、ロンドンの無料日本語情報誌にも広告をバンバン載せている。「キムチ」というそのまんまでチープな名前とは裏腹に、店内は打って変わってモダン。入口を入ると、奥までどーんと突き抜けの広いフロアに、ダークウッドのテーブルと白木(竹?)のランプシェード、そして明るくて大きなオープンキッチンが目に入る。その洗練されたインテリアは、伝説のレストラン・プロデューサー、アラン・ヤウAlan Yau)氏の手によるのかと思ったけど、彼のウェブサイトに載っていないから違うみたい。



やはり美味しい韓国料理は、コリアン・タウンのあるNew Moldenに行くしかないのかな?

A new Korean restaurant Kimchee at a former Japanese restaurant  Matsuri Holborn branch, few months after Matsuri was closed due to fire. The name “Kimchee” doesn’t sound sophisticated, but contrary to its cheap name, the interior is sleek and modern – with dark wood furniture, birch (bamboo?) lampshades, and bright + huge open kitchen. I thought it was produced by legendary restauranteur Alan Yau because of its modern ethnic style, but I guess not, as Kimchee is not listed on his website.

About food. We ordered two appetizers, kimchee and Modum Namul (*unlike Korea or USA, Korean restaurants in London don’t serve free side dishes or banchan. If they do, they give you only 1 or 2 dishes), and three main dishes of raw beef Bibimbap, beef Dolsot (stone pot) Bibimbap, and Galbitang. I don’t analyse each dish but say in one word, all the dishes we ordered were not great – looking good in nice plates and bowls, but were bland and didn’t have much taste. I can tell that they don’t cook with love and passion. It was not only our opinion – Time Out and Metro also talk bad about this restaurant. There were some Asian (I mean East Asian, not South Asian as British English suggests) but I don’t think there were any Koreans. Probably word of mouth has already spread among Korean community.

Their service had some problem as well. Started well – the staffs were friendly at the beginning and order and serving were smooth, but ended badly. The bill and my credit card were left untouched for a while until I finally stood up and asked for service. And the response was bad – no apology, no smile. We almost bursted with fury. We were already frustrated with their food, and their attitude was a final blow. Yes, the restaurant is cool and reasonable, but we don’t think we are going back there again.

To have a good Korean food, I guess I have to travel all the way down south to a big Korean Town of New Molden…


New Penguin Beach @ London Zoo

リージェンツ・パーク内にあるロンドン動物園の「Penguin Beach」が、200万ポンドをかけた改修工事の後、本日8年ぶりに再オープン。計66羽のフンボルトペンギンマカロニペンギンケープペンギン、トビペンギンが、新しい住処にやってきた。→写真はここ



After eight-year closure and £2 million revamp, the new Penguin Beach at London Zoo in Regent’s Park reopened its door to public today. Sixty-six Humboldtmacaroniblack-footed and rock-hopper penguins have moved in to their new territory, and seem to be very happy. → zoo’s photo gallery

The new facility has a sandy beach and rocks, and an underwater viewing area where visitors can watch the birds diving for fish during feeding time, as well as a nursery with a chick incubation unit and a pool where baby penguins can learn how to swim. The new pool is the largest created for penguins in England, which is four times bigger and three times deeper at 2m, than the old one. The Penguin Beach will eventually house 200 penguins. The exhibit also features a replica of the field station in Antarctica, where London Zoo’s penguinologist works.

You can take kids here, or you can come to see these adorable and funny creatures to cheer you up, when you are a bit low or stressed out – it’ll be much cheaper than seeing a therapist and possibly more effective.

Good Beach Guide 2011 – are UK beaches Clean or Dirty?

イギリスの海水浴場の水質調査を基に、水のきれいなビーチをリストアップしたガイド「Good Beach Guide」2011年版が、今日公開された。Marine Conservation Society(MCS/海洋保全団体)が1987年より発行しているこのガイドは、1960年に作られた海水浴場の「Golden List」に起源を持つ。下水で汚染された海で泳いだ後に、6歳の娘をポリオで亡くしたWakefield(ウェイクフィールド)夫妻は、未処理の下水が海洋投棄されていることに憤りを感じ、このリストを作成した。これが、他の海洋汚染防止キャンペーンとともに、1976年における海水浴場の水質のヨーロッパ基準策定と、下水処理への膨大な投資につながったという。

MCSは、欧州連合のBathing Water Directive(水浴場の水質指導規定)を基に、イギリス国内の782カ所の水質を調査。今年の調査結果によると、昨年に比べて42カ所多い、461カ所が最高レベルの「recommended(推薦)」を取得。24年の発行期間の間で3番目に高い数値となったが、それでも46カ所は最低レベルの「basic pass」さえクリアすることが出来なかった。


汚染された海で泳ぐと、お腹の具合が悪くなったり、目や耳、喉の感染症を引き起こす可能性があるそう。それに未処理の下水が混ざった海で泳ぐなんて、考えただけで気持ち悪い!環境問題にうるさい(と思っていた)イギリスが、まだ海洋投入前の下水処理を義務づけていないなんて、少し驚きだ。イギリスでビーチ・バカンスをお考えの方、「Good Beach Guide 2011 Recommended Beaches」(推奨ビーチリスト)を見てから、行き先決定を。

A comprehensive guide to bathing water quality around the UK, Good Beach Guide 2011 launched today. Published by the Marine Conservation Society(MCS) since 1987, the Guide began life as a ‘Golden List’ of beaches in 1960. Tony and Daphne Wakefield had lost their six-year-old daughter, after she contracted polio swimming at a sewage contaminated beach. Outraged that raw sewage was being pumped into the sea, the Wakefields published a new ‘Golden List’ of clean bathing beaches. This, along with other clean sea campaigns, led to the introduction of European standards for bathing water quality in 1976, and massive investment by the water industry to clean up raw sewage (quoted fromGood Beach Guide).

The MCS tests water quality at 782 sites across the UK, under the EU’s Bathing Water Directive rules. This year’s results suggest that the number of beaches given the top rating was the third highest in its 24-year history: 461 beaches gained its top “recommended” award, 42 more than last year, although 46 sites failed to reach the mandatory minimum level of “basic pass”.

The basic standards of water quality were set in European law 35 year ago, but stricter rules will come into force from 2015 due to the revision of the Bathing Water Directive, and these will start to be monitored from 2012. As a result, the MCS concerns that almost double the number of beaches could fail in future years. It is still legal to pump sewage into the sea and not enough of those outlets were being monitored. Only a quarter are monitored to check how often they are putting untreated sewage into the sea.

Water pollution can give swimmers stomach upsets or ear, nose and throat infections. Also it is disgusting to swim in the sea mixed with water from sewage (I didn’t know it is still legal)!! Check out  Good Beach Guide 2011 Recommended Beaches, before you decide where to have your beach vacation in UK.

Newcomers on Broadway Market

久しぶりにBroadway Market(ブロードウェイ・マーケット)に行ったら、新しいお店が何軒かオープンしていた。いつも混雑しているl’eau à LA BOUCHE (ロアラブッシュ)が案の定満席だったので、新しいイタリアン・カフェのDino Deli(ディーノ・デリ)でランチ。統一性も個性もないセカンドハンド(中古)家具に、無国籍風オブジェや色あせたラグで飾られた小さな店内は、大学街の学生向けカフェという感じで、個性的でセンスのいい店が並ぶブロードウェイ・マーケットでは見劣りする。でもサンドイッチもコーヒーもまずまずで、人の入りもまあまあ。

I went to Broadway Market after many months, and found some new places opened. Well-liked l’eau à LA BOUCHE was full as we anticipated, we tried a new Italian café Dino Deli. Decorated with mix & match of second hand furniture which don’t have much character either, shabby rug and quirky objects, Dino is like a scruffy student café near college and does not meet hip Broadway Market standard. However, their sandwich and coffee were OK and people came anyway.

Stoke Newingtonに本店がある、メンズ&レディースのセレクト・ショップ、Hub。ブロードウェイ・マーケットの入口近くにある。黒く塗られた建物が印象的。

Stoke Newington-based men’s & womenswear boutique Hub‘s new shop, located near the entrance of Broadway Market. The building painted in black is cool.

Our Patterned Handは、布やボタン、雑貨を扱う可愛いお店。ソーイングのワークショップも開催している。

Our Patterned Hand selling fabric and haberdashery is classic & cute. They also organize a variety of sewing workshops.

VogueやHarper’s Bazaarなどで仕事をしたスタイリストがオープンした女性向けブティック・69b

69b is a women’s fashion boutique, owned by a stylist who has worked for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Exit and i-D magazines.

London Fire Brigade Incident Mapping

ロンドン消防庁が作成した、イギリス初のオンライン火災発生マップ「London Fire Brigade Incident Mapping」が、今日から利用開始になった。2008年に作られたロンドン首都警察の犯罪マップをベースにしたこのシステムでは、郵便番号を入力すると、昨年に消防隊が出動した件数がエリアごとに表示される。また、Fires(火災):Primary/Secondary(一次/二次)、Deliberate Fires(放火):Primary/Secondary(一次/二次)、False Alarms(誤報):All Automatic Fire Alarms/Good Intent/Malicious(自動火災報知器の誤作動/間違い通報/いたずら通報)、Special Services(特別出動):Road Traffic Collisions/Shut in lift releases(交通衝突/エレベーター内閉じ込め)といったカテゴリー別に、フィルターをかけることも出来る。



The London Fire Brigade Incident Mapping showing the number of the fire related incidents across London, the first of its kind in UK, has been made available online today. Based on the Metropolitan Police’s crime map launched in 2008, typing in your postcode shows you the data on how many incidents firefighters have been called to in the past year. You can also filter the numbers by types; Fires (Primary/Secondary), Deliberate Fires (Primary/Secondary), False Alarms (All Automatic Fire Alarms/Good Intent/Malicious) and Special Services (Road Traffic Collisions/Shut in lift releases).

An intention of the London Fire Brigade (LFB) is to encourage residents, businesses and councils in places with a higher number of incidents to take action to make their area safer, but like Scotland Yard’s local crime and policing website for England and Wales, it may cause fear among people who live or plan to move to London’s fire hotspots, including Croydon in Southeast London, which had the most serious fires and arson attacks last year.

I checked my postcode and the numbers come ‘average’ in all incident types. But just few steps away is marked as ‘High’ – am I suppose to be pleased or not?