Kipferl @ Camden Passage, Angel

以前、ロンドンで最も古い市場の一つで約800年の歴史を持つ肉市場・Smithfield Marketスミスフィールド・マーケット)の近くにあったオーストリアン・カフェ、Kipferlが最近、エンジェルのカムデン・パッセージに移ってきた(以前Macondoがあった場所)。テーブルがいくつかあるだった前の店に比べ何倍にも広くなり、木製の家具でまとめた、シンプルでモダン、かつ寛げるお店にリニューアルした。でも、フレンドリーなスタッフの対応や、丁寧に作られたオーストリア料理の味は変わらない。



The Austrian café/deli Kipferl recently moved from the location near Smithfield market, one of the London’s oldest markets with over 800 years, to Angel’s Camden Passage, where Macondo used to be. The new café is few times as bigger than before with only few tables and chairs, and the interior has been remodelled to simple and sleek yet relaxing with wooden furniture and industrial lampshades. However, friendliness of staffs and taste of authentic Austrian food are unchanged.

I rarely see Austrian nor even German restaurants in ‘cosmopolitan’ London. Kipferl offers a bowl of hearty Austrian soup of the day such as Leberknödelsuppe (liver dumpling soup: photo below) or Frittaten Suppe (pancake soup) as well as a variety of sausages (but not German ones) and salads. But my recommendation is their delicious cakes such as Sachertorte and apple cake, together with a cup of Austrian coffees like Wiener Melange.

The location of new Kipferl on Camden Market is ‘cursed,’ because the cafés opened on the premise have never lasted long since we moved to London. I hope this Austrian jewel will last long…

↓ 東日本巨大地震チャリティ情報 / Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Charity Information


I got an update from ARK animal charity which I donated a little money to, about the situation for animals left behind near Fukushima nuclear power plants as well as a request to fill the petition to the Japanese government to help those animals. The videos below make me feel very depressed.


4 responses to “Kipferl @ Camden Passage, Angel

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  2. everydaylifestyle

    Hi, Mark. Nice to hear from you again! I saw your photos of Portugal – you seem to go there quite often.

    Thanks for your suggestion, but I’ve already talked about both of them some time ago ;-)

    Have you been to St. Ali? Everybody seems to love the place, but for me a bit too dark inside and their food is too creative.

    Check out this blog if you have time:

    She has a quite good list of cafes in Hackney, and now hosting this interesting project at Mouse & de Lotz.

    Ciao, ciao.

  3. ha ha !
    i was going to get in touch with you to recommend kipferl.

    have you tried the department of coffee and social affairs yet ?
    i think you’ll like it:

    also foxcroft and ginger, which is a few doors away from flat white on berwick street in soho.

    keep up the blogging.
    best wishes,


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