The Folly Bar & Restaurant @ Monument

Monument(モニュメント)駅のすぐ側にあるバー&レストラン、Folly(フォリー)。以前に書いたサウスバンクのRefineryや、同じくシティにあるAnthologist(アンソロジスト)と同様、Drake & Morganの経営。とにかく巨大な店で、1階のみならず地下1階もある。店内は羽根?に覆われたランプシェードや、テーブルによって色や形が違う椅子など、少し遊び心を加えた、カジュアルかつモダンに仕上がっている。でもその広大さのせいか、どうも落ち着かない。これが満席にでもなろうものなら、ウルサくて仕方がないんじゃないか。


話は少しそれたが、Follyいわく「tried and tested recipes from across the globe(世界中のレシピを試した)」というメニューは、カジュアルなモダン・ブリティッシュ/ヨーロピアン/アメリカ/アジアと、何でもあり。でも普通に「グルメ」サンドイッチやハンバーガー、ステーキなどもある。私たちはステーキ・サンドイッチ(£8.75)を注文。サンドイッチとしては値がはるにも関わらずお子様サイズ、サラダやフライドポテトなどの付け合わせもない。その代わり、ホースラディッシュを混ぜた大量のマヨネーズのお皿が(カロリー高過ぎ!)。チャバッタはトーストされておらず、ステーキの味も平凡。はっき言って期待外れ。Follyは、食べ物にこだわりがある人のためのお店じゃなく、ちょっと洒落たパブで、手っ取り早く食事が必要な時や仕事帰り(仕事中でも)の一杯にぴったりの、シティに働く人たち向けのお店だと思う。

The Folly is a bar & restaurant near the Monument station. It is under Drake & Morgan management, as well as the Refinery in Southbank (I wrote it before) and Anthologist nearby in the City. The place is huge, and has two floors (ground floor & basement), decorated in casual chic with funky lampshades covered with furs(?) and chairs in different shapes and colours placed in different areas. It is so big and I felt a bit uncomfortable, actually. It was half empty when we went there, but I am afraid that I would loose hearing if the place is full.

The Folly opens from 7:30am on weekdays, for business people who want to have a breakfast before work. Kitchen opens all day without a break and you can dine anytime until 10pm (except Sunday). Bar opens even longer, until midnight on weekend. There were already some businessmen in suits, enjoying a glass of beer at the bar counter at 4pm (isn’t it still office hour or during a break?), when we left. Drinking is a national hobby in UK, and pubs & bars at 6pm are full of people, both sex from young to old, standing, inside and outside, and drinking – but why standing? Don’t they want to relax, sitting down??

I was distracted a little. The Folly “tried and tested recipes from across the globe”, and their food is kind of modern British/European/Americana/Oriental – whatever. But they have also ‘normal’ food such as ‘gourmet’ sandwiches, burgers, and steaks. We ordered steak sandwich (£8.75) today. It was rather pricey as a sandwich, but it was like a kid size and came alone – no chips or little salad. Instead, it came with mayonnaise mixed with horse radish, enough for five sandwiches (too much calories!). Ciabatta bread was not toasted and the steak was boring… it was a disappointment. The Folly is definitely not for foodies, but is more like a convenient and stylish pub for people working in the City, for a quick bite and a glass (or more) of beer after work.


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