Second Chance Sales for London Olympic 2012


I received the notice from London 2012 Olympic committee, saying that I have not been allocated the tickets I requested for the opening and closing ceremonies in April (see past entry). According to the Evening Standard’s article, two thirds of 1.9 million applicants for the Olympic tickets, which is 1.2 million, couldn’t win tickets – so we are not so unlucky after all. In the notice, I was also informed that I was, among the people who couldn’t win any tickets, invited to take advantage of a second chance to purchase some of the remaining tickets which will be 2.3 millions for 311 of 650 events sessions (schedule), between June 24th to July 3rd. Some of the tickets with good availability are football tournament (1.7 millions – over the majority), boxing, Judo, synchronised swimming and volleyball. The tickets with low possibility are athletics, archery, fencing and beach volleyball (see the table below). You can get tickets if you are not picky, but I am wondering if we apply any, as M is not so keen to see any games… 


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  1. everydaylifestyle


  2. うわ〜!2種目も当たった!と思ってたら、残り枚数が多い種目だわ!

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