David Tremlett: Drawing for Free Thinking 2011 @ Tate Britain

テート・ブリテンの大階段の壁に描かれた、「コーンウォール人」アーティスト・David Tremlett(デイヴィッド・トレムレット)のwall painting(壁画)作品「Drawing for Free Thinking 2011」が、先週日曜日18日に一般公開された。16m x 42mのこの巨大作品、壁画を主に手がけるトレムレット氏が、パステルを手で直接塗り込んで描いたもの(作品写真製作過程)。今後5年間、この場所に保存されるという。でもこの作品、クラシックな造りのテート・ブリテンよりもテート・モダンの方が合うような。

Cornish‘ artist David Tremlett‘s  ‘Drawing for Free Thinking, 2011’, painted in a large stairwell at Tate Britain, was unveiled to the public last Sunday on September 18. This 16m x 42m large wall painting, which will remain there for 5 years, was created by applying pastel to the walls with hands (photosmaking). It is impressive, but it would be suited better at Tate Modern than in the classic building of Tate Britain, I thought.


Museum’s appearance on the Millbank side. It is nothing to do with David Tremlett, but I thought the gap between modern typography and the classical architecture is quite interesting.

One response to “David Tremlett: Drawing for Free Thinking 2011 @ Tate Britain

  1. Anonymous

    What a breath of fresh air, well done Tate!!

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