Taylor St Baristas Shoreditch @ Clifton Street

オーストラリア人兄弟+妹(姉?)の経営するロンドンの独立系人気コーヒー店、Taylor Street Baristas(テイラーストリート・バリスタス)の Shoreditch(ショーディッチ)店に行ってみた。Clifton Streetの突き当たり右手にある建物の敷地内に間借りしているプレハブ小屋のミニカフェ、得意のコーヒーのみならず、サンドイッチやサラダ、スープ、ケーキなどもある。きちきちに座って10人も入れば一杯の狭苦しいこのカフェ、通りに看板もない超分かりにくい場所にも関わらず、かなり賑わっている。外にはたくさん座るところがあるのだが、冬は外はキツい。そして期待満々で頂いたエスプレッソ、量はイタリア並みに少な。味は酸っぱさだけが舌に残り、エスプレッソ特有のマイルドさが感じられない。Mは悪くないって言うけど。。。このブレンドがそう言う味なのか?

話は変わるが、ロンドンのカフェやレストランは、ちょっと人気が出るとすぐ支店を出す傾向がある。ここでは書ききれないが、例えばTaylor Street Baristasしかり、Foxtcroft & Gingerしかり、Tapped & Packedしかり、Nude Espressoしかり。そんなこんなで、イギリスには大小様々なチェーン店が幾多存在する。美味しいコーヒー(私自身はコーヒー党ではないのだけれど)が色んな場所で飲めるのは嬉しい。でも、私の心根がひねくれているのか、お気に入りのカフェでも、例え一軒でも他の場所にオープンすると、自分の中でその店は特別感がなくなり、興味が薄れていく。


I went to one of the London’s popular independent mini coffee chain, Taylor Street Baristas in Shoreditch, owned by Australian brothers + a sister. It is very hard to find this little pre-fab hut, located in an old industrial estate at the end of Clifton Street on the right side, without any signboard or anything to suggest the existence of the café. This claustrophobic place with very limited seating inside (up to 10 persons by sitting tightly) was surprisingly crowded. There are a lot of seatings outside, but it is not a choice in cold winter. Not only their specialty coffe, they also have sandwiches, salads, soups and cakes. We had their famous espresso (as little as an authentic Italian one) with full of expectation. Though M said it’s not bad, I tasted only sourness and no mildness of espresso I had everywhere in Italy. Maybe the specific blend is like that??

Cafés and restaurants in London tend to think big – as soon as they get enough money and popularity, they open another one, and another if they can afford to. I can’t list up everything, but few examples are Taylor Street BaristasFoxtcroft & GingerTapped & Packed, Nude Espresso etc. At the end, any area in London or even UK start to look all the same, full of chains from mini to mega scale. It is good to be able to have a good cup of coffee anywhere in town, but I start to loose interest, even in my favourite cafés, once they appear somewhere else, because it is not “one and only” and special anymore.

On the other hand, the birthplace of espresso, Italy has very few chain cafés ( “bar” in Italy), as well as chain restaurants, even mini chain or international corporation such as Starbucks or McDonald’s. Even a beaten up bar serves excellent ‘caffé (=espresso)’ and Italians are very loyal to their favorite bar, so there maybe very few space for chain or outsider to enter the market. I prefer Italian style, sticking to one place and being proud of it. That’s the reason I don’t like Jamie Oliver, because he started to open his restaurants, though its name are different, all over the place!

エスプレッソ・シングル(左)とダブル(右)/ Single espresso (left) and double espresso (right)


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