In Parma by Food Roots Italian Café @ Charlotte Place

先日、Yumchaaでランチを食べそこねたので(→昨日のエントリー参照)、どうしたものかと辺りをぶらぶらしてたら、Charlotte Place(Lantanaと同じ通り)で、このイタリアン・カフェ・In Parma by Food Rootsを見つけた。入口には大きな塊のパルメザン・チーズがどんと置かれ、壁には吊るされた生ハムと錆びた鉄で出来たオブジェ(*最初は「木のオブジェ」と書いていたけれど、これを造ったアーティスト・Stefano Devoti氏から間違いを指摘されました)。茶色いレンガ壁に木製家具が並ぶ小さな店内は、ナチュラルカラーでカントリー・シックにまとめられている。奥の壁には、パルマハム(イギリスではプロシュット・ディ・パルマをこう呼ぶ)の作り方や歴史を紹介する映像が投影されている。カウンターには手作りケーキ、奥の棚にはワインやイタリアの様々な地方のドライミートやチーズを挟んだサンドイッチ(£4前後)が並ぶ。オープンしたばかりなのか、サービスはぎこちないけれど、スタッフはフレンドリー。


新しいお店だからか、店のウェブサイトもレビューも見当たらず。名刺にはオープン時間さえ記されていないけれど、ランチの他、夕方(夜?)は、ワインとシャルキトリー(charcuterie:フランス語で、 ハム、ソーセージ、テリーヌなどの、豚肉加工食品)が楽しめるそう。

In Parma by Food Roots
10 Charlotte Place, W1T 1SH
tel 020 8127 4277

We found this new Italian café, In Parma by Food Roots, on Charlotte Place (same street with Lantana), while we were looking for a place to eat as we missed to eat lunch at Yumchaa the other day (→see yesterday’s entry). A big block of Parmigiano-Reggiano at the entrance, lumps of Parma ham hanging from the ceiling, and rusted iron objects on the walls (*Originally I wrote “wooden” objects, but it was corrected by Mr. Stefano Devoti, the artist who made those. Many thanks to him to let me know the mistake!). This cozy space with brown brick walls and wooden furnitures is pleasantly finished in natural country-chic style. You can learn how Parma ham is made and its history on  a video, projected on the back wall.

Handmade cakes at the counter, and Italian wines and a variety of sandwiches with regional charcuteries and cheese (around  £4) displayed on the wooden shelves. The service was a bit clumsy, I assume that it just opened very recently, but the staffs were fairly friendly to compensate it. Our order of the day was: Toscan vegetable soup Ribollita, a sandwich with Parma ham and Parmesan cheese, and a sandwich with Speck from South Tyrol and Taleggio cheese. The first dish, Ribollita was quite nice, though there was not much vegetables in it. Then slightly toasted sandwiches came. Sandwiches with fine and fresh ingredients were not bad as well, however, they were served on ceramic plates but on top of cheap plastic trays with plastic cutleries. The plastics, as well as paper cup for soup (though better than plastic) are neither ecological nor sophisticated, and don’t go well with the atmosphere of the café! When eating-in (except fast food), I prefer not to use plastics (that makes me feel a bit depressing), but at least reusable well-designed plastics. I know it is pain in the neck to clean dirty dishes, but hope they change this bad habit in near future.

I couldn’t find their website or any reviews, I guess it is too new, and I don’t have much information other than the address and phone number, even opening hours. According to their small information card, they also serve wines and charcuterie platters in the evening (night?), as well as lunch.

In Parma by Food Roots
10 Charlotte Place, W1T 1SH
tel 020 8127 4277


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