Kin Pan-Asian Restaurant @ Leather Lane, Clerkenwell

去年12月8日に、クラーケンウェルのLeather Laneにオープンした可愛いレストラン・Kin。タイ、東南アジア、チャイニーズ、日本食と、アジア諸国の「ストリート・フード」がメニューに並ぶ。色々な国の料理に手を広げるレストランはあんまり信用しないのだが、むき出しのレンガ壁、使い込まれたフロアリングやセンスの良い家具類など、素敵なインテリアにつられてトライしてみた。

私はランチメニューの中からJapanese Set(みそ汁+チキンカツカレー+ソフトドリンク=£9.80)、Mは好物のパッタイ(£7.80)を注文。日本のお椀の5倍はありそうな、みそ汁の巨大さにびっくり。不味くはないが、一人で食べきれない量なのでMに進呈。カツカレーは、カレーはちょっと水っぽく味が薄いので、チキンカツと一緒にご飯の上にのせず、スープとして食する。チキンカツは、あいにく店にはソースを置いていないので、醤油をかけていただいた。はっきり言って残念な出来で、日本のカレーには程遠い。Wagamamaのなんちゃってカレーの方がまだましなぐらいだ。Mのパッタイは、なかなか美味しいと思ったけど、何故かMは気に入らなかったらしい。


Kin is a cute restaurant, opened on December 8th last year on Leather Lane, Clerkenwell. It offers Pan-Asian “street food”, from countries such as Thailand, South East Asia, China and Japan. I normally don’t trust a restaurant which doesn’t focus on one cuisine, but I gave Kin a try because of its chic decor with exposed walls, vintage flooring and rusty-chic furniture.

I chose Japanese Set (Miso soup+chicken katsu curry+soft drink=£9.80), and M ordered his favorite Pad Thai (£7.80). Miso soup was served in a huge bowl, which is 5 times bigger than Japanese portion. It was not bad but too big for me, so M finished most of it. Curry was not as thick as Japanese curry should be and rather bland, so I had it as a soup, instead of eating with Chicken Katsu (deep-fried cutlet) as a sauce on the top of the rice. I had to eat tasteless Katsu without curry sauce, but with soy sauce (they didn’t have Worcester sauce…) – quite disappointing dish. Equally un-authentic Wagamama‘s curry is even better! I like M’s Pad Thai, but he didn’t like it for some reason.

There was no Italian coffee including M’s fix, espresso. Instead, a staff proudly told us that they have excellent Vietamese coffee and teas that are served from a hot water dispenser which keeps water at 70°, the best temperature for Asian teas. If you want Italian coffee around, try this place.


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