Alighiero Boetti: Game Plan @ Tate Modern

イタリア人コンセプチュアル・アーティスト、アリギエロ・ボエッティの回顧展「Alighiero Boetti: Game Plan」が、テート・モダンで5月27日まで開催されている。ボエッティは、1960年代後半に既成の芸術に反抗し、工業素材や石や木など単純素材を用いた、イタリアの前衛的美術運動・アルテ・ポーヴェラ(「貧しい芸術」)の一員として活躍。この展覧会が、テート・モダンで開催される、アルテ・ポーヴェラ系アーティストの初の個展となる。



Italian conceptual artist, Alighiero E Boetti‘s retrospective, “Alighiero Boetti: Game Plan” is currently running at Tate Modern until May 27th. Boetti is a key member of Arte Povera group of young Italian artists in the late 1960s, which was working in radically new ways using simple materials. This is the first solo show by an Arte Povera artist at Tate Modern.

Turin-born Boetti used industrial materials associated with Turin, Italy’s automotive manufacturer centre, and later made works using postage stamps, ballpoint pens, and magazine covers. His work in the exhibition includes constructions made with building materials, biro drawings, watercolour paintings of aeroplanes, lists of rivers,and woven kilims made by Afghans with patterns based on numeric systems, as well as a series of embroidered world maps in which each country features the design of its national flag, Mappa, which is his most renown work. Boetti was interested in faraway places and made a trip to places such as Ethiopia, Guatemala and Afghanistan. After travelled to Kabul in 1971, he set up a hotel in Kabul between 1971 – 79 as an art project and created large colourful embroideries such as Mappa. He was also fascinated by esoteric and mystical thought, and was responsive to everyday conditions in Italy and to its politics in the 60s-70s. 

I’ve never heard of Boetti before I saw this exhibition. Though  Boetti’s work is not attention-grabbing or glitzy, but I quite enjoyed the show and his work with his attention to details and methodical approach.

Mappa (Maps)” room

Aerei, 1978

Tutto,  Afghan embroidery on fabric


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