HOMA Restaurant @ Stoke Newington Church Street

今週は珍しく晴れ続き、久しぶりにStoke Newingtonまで足を伸ばして、HOMAでランチした。白い壁にカントリー風木製テーブル&椅子、吊り下げられたレトロなランプシェードも可愛い。ランチとディナーの狭間だからか、客は私たちだけで、静かでとてもリラックスした雰囲気。

メニューには、種類はそう多くないが、オーガニックで地元産の旬の食材を主に使用した、イタリアン&地中海風の料理が並ぶ。コーヒー豆はブロードウェイ・マーケットにある名店・Climpson and Sonsのもの。環境にも配慮、テイクアウト用のフォークやスプーン、食材のパッケージは、再生品で、使用後は堆肥にできるもののみを使用しているそう。


It has been sunny these days, so we stretched our destination to Stoke Newington and had lunch at HOMA. The interior is very cute, with white walls, rusty wooden tables & chairs, and retro lamp shades. It was in between lunch and dinner time, and we were the only customers there, and we enjoyed its peaceful and relaxing space all by ourselves.

Their menu is rather small, but their Italian and Mediteranean dishes are made of fresh and seasonal ingredients, and organic and locally produced sources wherever possible. Their coffee is from renown Climpson and Sons in Broadway Market. They also care environment and use only recycled compostable food packaging and catering disposables, such as takeaway fork and spoons.

Unfortunately, only pizza was available when we went after lunch time was over. For some reason, we got chorizo pizza with egg on top, instead of pizza margherita with extra anchovies (interesting misunderstanding). But it was not bad after all, as pizza crust was crunchy and the toppings were fresh. I am afraid to say that egg didn’t go well with pizza, but French people sometimes request egg topping, according to an apologetic staff. It was also nice of her to made our drinks complimentary – very favorable response to the mistake.

Pizza Patate (White Pizza with Sliced Potatoes, Rosemary & Brie £8.5) and Chorizo (Tomato, Mozzarella, Chorizo, Red Peppers & Red Pesto £10.5)


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