Printers & Stationers Café @ Ezra Street (near Columbia Road)

ハックニーのEzra Streetにある小さなカフェ・Printers & Stationersは、コロンビア・ロード近くでバイクの駐車スペースを探している時に偶然見つけた。名前の表す通り、元々印刷業者と文具商の作業場だったこの店は、フランス産の食料品と主にフランスの小規模ワイナリーのワインを扱う店として2011年6月にオープン。コロンビア・ロードでフラワー・マーケットが開かれる日曜には、アンティークも店頭に並び、ワイン・テイスティングを催すこともある。私たちが行った時は、誰もワインを飲んでいなかったので、てっきりカフェだと思っていたけれど、ウェブサイトを読むと、カフェと言うよりどうやらワイン店/ワインバーらしい。オーナーは、小さい頃お小遣い稼ぎにワイン畑を手伝った事もある、シャンパーニュ地方出身のフランス人。1996年にロンドンに来てから、イギリスでは手に入りにくいシャンパンの輸入ビジネスを始め、2007年にロンドンの南東部のBrockleyにDegustationというフランスの食料品を売る店をオープンした。


開店時間:水〜金曜12〜20時 /土曜午後12〜19時 /日曜はフラワーマーケットの開かれる時間帯

We found this small café, Printers & Stationers on Ezra Street in Hackney, when we were looking for a motorcycle parking. As its name suggests, this warehouse space started as a printers and stationers workshop. Since June 2011, Printers & Stationers sells French grocery & handpicked wines from small and independent producers mainly in France, as well as antiques during the flower market on nearby Columbia Road on Sundays. They also organize wine tastings. The owner is French from Champagne region, who earned some pocket money by working in the vineyard when he was little. Since coming to London in 1996, he started champagne import business and opened a French grocery shop ‘Degustation‘ in 2007 in Brockley. First I called this place a café, but I read the description on their website, it seems more like a wine shop or an enoteca. Anyway, no one was drinking wine when we were there.

The inside of Printers & Stationers filled with bric-a-brac, looks like an old-style grocery shop with living space on the back in French countryside. A cute family dog was sleeping at the back, comfortably in his cozy bed with layers of blanket. The shop offers a selection of cheeses and charcuterie as well as croques monsieur and some sandwiches. We sat outside as it was warm and sunny. There is also a small bar area and the little patio garden inside. M ordered typical French sandwich with ham & cheese. My croques monsieur (bottom photo) was not what I expected (Wikipedia) but normal toastie, but it is OK as it was good.

Opening hours: Wednesday to Friday: 12 – 8pm / Saturday: 12 – 7pm / Sunday: during the market



2 responses to “Printers & Stationers Café @ Ezra Street (near Columbia Road)

  1. everydaylifestyle

    It is indeed a relaxing place with two cute dogs. I’d love to try their salmon sandwich next time!

  2. We love to have breakfast with salmon sandwiches and red wine there. Lovely dog they have. It’s our favorite place in Columbia Road Flower Market. Nice owners and calm ambience. Not like the others in the market.

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