Clerkenwell Kitchen @ Clerkenwell Close

クラーケンウェルのSaint James’s Church Gardenの近くにある、Clerkenwell Kitchen(クラーケンウェル・キッチン)。テレビでも活躍するセレブ・シェフHugh Fearnley-Whittingstallのお店・River Cottage、そしてメリルボーンにあるレストラン・La Fromagerie出身の二人の女性シェフが腕を振るう。有機栽培やFree Range(放し飼い)など、良品質の旬の食材を使ったイギリスの家庭料理が売りで、ジャムやチャツネ、パンなどは全て手作り、オブザーバー紙の選ぶ2010年Best UK ethical restaurant or cafe(イギリスの倫理的・良心的レストラン/カフェ)の次点の一店に選ばれている。


The Clerkenwell Kitchen is located near Saint James’s Church Garden in Clerkenwell. Two female chefs, one who worked for a celeb chef & TV presenter Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall‘s River Cottage and another is a former head chef of La Fromagerie in Merylebone, opened this popular local restaurant where simple & good home cooking is served, using the best seasonal organic/free range ingredients from local producers. Jams, chutneys, pastries and breads are all made on the premises. These efforts and principles are recognised, and the Clerkenwell Kitchen was selected as one of runners up of Observer Food Monthly’s Best UK ethical restaurant or cafe 2010.

The Clerkenwell Kitchen opens weekdays from 8am to 5pm (Thursday until 11pm), serving breakfast, lunch, cakes and pudding, as well as afternoon teas and coffees, and supper only on Thursdays. The location is hard to find for non-locals, so their main clientele is neighbours and workers from nearby offices. The place is quite spacious with extra seatings on the garden terrace, but the lunchtime is quite busy when six daily changing lunch dishes (soup, salad, sandwich, mains etc) are served, so booking is advisable if you are determined to dine here.

放し飼いの鶏のローストのサンドイッチとイギリスの典型的なデザート・Bread and butter pudding(その名の通りパンを使用)。サンドイッチの方は、チキンもパンも個々にみれば悪くないのだが、一緒に食べると何故か美味しくない。プディングは美味。

Free range roast chicken sandwich with mayonnaise and bread & butter pudding. Though both bread and chicken were good, but combining together, it was a bid bland. But pudding was yummy ;-)


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