My First Olympic Experience: Judo @ ExCel



This is my first Olympic experience ever! I went to see Men’s -100kg and Women’s -78kg Judo competition (repechage & bronze and final) at ExCel. I bought the ticket, expecting that at least one Japanese athlete would go to the stage, but both lost at round 16… I am completely demoralized and didn’t want to go the games at all, but I didn’t want to waste my ticket and thought it would be interesting to see different Olympic venues.

There was full of excitement inside of the arena, with supporters from different countries. Especially large noise came from British with silver medalist Gemma Gibbons and Dutch in patriotic orange uniforms with two contestants. In addition, the music played in between the games was so loud, and I regretted that I didn’t bring ear plugs. The plastic chair was uncomfortable with little leg room. The special guest of the day was Russian President Putin who also practices Judo, accompanied by Prime Minister Cameron and Foreign Secretary Hague. Putin looked very proud that Russian won the gold medal. I couldn’t get very excited as no Japanese athletes competing, but it was fun anyway.

女子決勝:ギボンズ選手(イギリス)対ハリソン選手(アメリカ)/ Women’s final, Gemma Gibbons (UK) vs Kayla Harrison (USA)

女子78kg級表彰式 / Medal ceremony of Women’s -78kg

プーチン大統領とロシア人金メダリスト、カイブラエフ選手 / President Putin and the gold medalist Tagir Khaibulaev

男子100kg級メダリストたち / Men’s -100g medalists


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