Olympic Women’s Volleyball Preliminary Round @ Earl’s Court




My Olympic experience No.3 was volleyball preliminary games (Japan vs UK, Italy vs Russia) at Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre. The venue is just in front of the west exit but we had to walk from the east exit quite a while on the day, as the east side was exit only and west side was entrance only to avoid the chaos. We went to Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre several times for 100% Design (past entries: 2009 / 2010). The place is like a huge tasteless warehouse with concrete floors and a bit dark, but it was quite lively with lots of spectators.

Atmosphere inside was full of enthusiasm as British team competed on the first game. The guy with microphone was busy cheering up the audience by talking excitedly and let people who were showed on screen to beat illustrated drums appeared on the screen. Cheerleaders were dancing with the loud music during the timeouts or in-between sets. So much noise all through the games! I understand that they tried to do anything to entertain the people, but it was too much. Now I am sick of Queen‘s “We Will Rock You“, which has been played repeatedly in all Olympic venues…

This day, Japan beat UK 2-0 on the first game and Russia won with 3-2 to Italy on the second. The game of Russia and Italy was heated up for full-sets and was very exciting, but M got bored while watching the first game – I was happy that Japan won, but I wished UK played a bit better…


2 responses to “Olympic Women’s Volleyball Preliminary Round @ Earl’s Court

  1. everydaylifestyle

    Hello! Thanks for your comment – I didn’t know that different Olympic venues have different soundtracks! It is true that gymnastics would go better with classical music than “We will rock you”. Put the music aside, I enjoyed the games a lot. It was a great experience and I am glad that I was here in London when the great Games took place!

  2. There were, I’m told, three different soundtracks for the Olympic venues, so not everyone had to suffer “We will rock you”. I think those watching gymnastics were serenaded with classical music instead.

    I felt sorry for the cheerleaders at the volleyball, who were expected to jump up when the music came on after every point scored, only to have to sit down again just 10 seconds later. As you say, it was too much. The matches were great though.

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