“Renew” Recycle Bins in the Square Mile



Renew‘ is a recycling bin with LCD screens on both sides, placed about 100 within Square Mile. This glossy bomb-proof heavy-duty pods costing £30,000, not only swallow recycle materials such as paper, cans and plastic bottles, but also entertain passersby with a variety of information displayed on the screens. Renew transmits between 6am and 23:59pm each market day, and includes breaking financial and corporate news, general news headlines, weather forecasts and other topics including sport, fashion, travel, the arts and entertainment, as well as updates during emergencies and local information such as Tube and NHS, and of course advertisements as well.  →further details

Although being installed initially from January 26, I’ve never noticed Renew. It is a bit too hard to look at the screen as the screen is low, especially for tall men, but it would help you kill your time while waiting at a traffic light, a bus or your friend, in case you forget your smartphone with you. It is said that other cities abroad such as New York, Singapore and Tokyo are interested in the concept of Renew.


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