Rufus the Corgi, the face of ‘London, Now See It for Yourself’

このビデオのキュートなコーギーの名前は「Rufus(ルーファス)」。ロンドン観光局のビジターキャンペーン「London, Now See It for Yourself‘」の「顔」だ。ロンドン観光局のウェブサイト(のキャンペーン特別ページではまた、アーティスト・Jenni Sparksが手描きデザインしたインタラクティブ・マップで、主な観光地、新名所やイベント、そして知る人ぞ知る街情報などが紹介されている(詳細:プレスリリース)。


Here is Rufus the Corgi, the face of ‘London, Now See It for Yourself‘ visitor campaign on the site. Designed and hand drawn by artist Jenni Sparks, the interactive map for London on the microsite of ‘London, Now See It for Yourself‘ shows key attractions and a gives a guide to what’s new for 2013, as well as highlighting some of the city’s hidden gems (see details).

Currently has been hosting 6 themed weekly competitions for 6 weeks (now in 3rd week). Each week, a participant could win a trips to London with different theme, by finding Rufus down on the map with the clues to track him down. It is quite difficult like “Where is Wally?”, and I couldn’t spot him on this week competition unfortunately…

Interactive map of London


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