Other Cafe & Gallery @ Balls Pond Road, Dalston / Kingsland Road

OvergroundのDalston Junction駅から西へ徒歩数分のところにある、カフェ&ギャラリー・Other。地上階・地下と2フロアある店内は、アンティークの家具や小物が、無造作に見えるけれどちゃんとバランスを考えてセンスよく配置されており(Mura Interiors)、それら調度品を見ているだけでも楽しい。晴れた日は入口横の大きな窓から太陽が燦々と注ぎ、ほっこりと午後のひと時を過ごせる。


Walking few minutes to the west from Dalston Junction Overground station, you see Other Cafe & Gallery on the right side. Consisting of 2 floors, ground floor and downstairs, the place is decorated by Mura Interiors with antique furniture and bric-a-brac, looking randomly but meticulously in good balance & taste. It is fun just looking at those old items, and also you can enjoy lazy afternoon with plenty of sunshine coming through big windows next to the entrance.

Other’s website says that they offer a variety of fresh home-made food, from traditional English breakfast to Italian and South American dishes. To say the truth, we’ve never come back there after we went once last October, simply because their food was not impressive. Soup and penne carbonara (photo below) looked good, but were tasteless and uninspired. Panino with ham and tomatoes was not toasted and very dry and, again, no taste. The space is nice and cozy, and it is a shame that we can’t come back because of their food. Another thing is the artworks at the gallery don’t seem to match the atmosphere of the place (see website)…


3 photos above: cafe & gallery space downstairs, divided in several rooms and decorated differently.


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