The Association Coffee @ Creechurch Lane, City of London


ウェブサイトによると、Associationはコーヒーに情熱を注いでおり、通常のエスプレッソブレンドの他、ほぼ週変わりの季節に応じたブレンドが楽しめる。また、Stove Top(イタリアのマキネッタのように、直火で抽出するコーヒーメーカー)、French Press、Filter Coffeeなど抽出法に応じたコーヒー豆や、家庭用コーヒー抽出用器具も販売している。コーヒー以外にも、紅茶、見た目はぱっとしないが(失礼)良質の材料で作ったペイストリーやケーキ、サンドイッチなどもある(menu / 仕入れ先リスト)。コーヒーへの並々ならぬこだわりは感じられるが、残念ながら私たちのエスプレッソとフラット・ホワイトは平均並み。フラット・ホワイトは、ラテかと思うほどコーヒーが薄く、しかも少しぬるかい。ただ今時のインテリアの店内は広々としていて、木製ボードにのせて食べ物をサーブするなど、プレゼンテーションも気が利いている。シティはチェーンのコーヒー店ばかりで、美味しいコーヒーが飲める独立系のカフェがほとんどないので、Associationは貴重な存在。シティに行く際は、再挑戦してみたい。

Normally caffeine junkie M finds a new cafe from all kinds of sources such as cafe blogs, newspapers & magazines etc, but we found the Association by chance, when we walked through the City, where we rarely visit. This good looking cafe looks more fitting in hip East London, rather than corporate City of London, but was very popular among business people.

According to their website, the Association is all about coffee, and offer a range of seasonal coffees as well as their regular espresso. They also sell bags of coffee for for a Stove Top, a French Press or a Filter Coffee, as well as a range of home brewing equipment. Aside from coffee, they also offer teas, simple pastries and cakes, and sandwiches (menu), using the best of ingredients (suppliers list), although they don’t have big variety. Sounds great, and I feel a lot of passion from them. However, we found their coffee (espresso & flat white) were average. My flat white was not strong enough but more like latte, and was not hot enough… But the place is chic & spacious, and their presentation of food on a wood board is very cute. We will try again when we go to the City, where there are very few great independent coffee shops other than chains.


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