Brazilian’s Demonstration @ Trafalgar Square



Public demonstrations in Brazil has spread nationwide and has no sign of cooling down after over two weeks (wikipedia). Initially organized to protest increases in bus, train, and metro ticket prices in early June, but came to include other subjects such as corruption, crimes, poor public service such as education and public health, and high-priced World Cup and Olympics.

When we were around Trafalgar Square on 17th last Monday, we heard shouts and musics nearby. So we came closer to the noise, and found lots of Brazilian flags. At the beginning I thought Brazilian football fans gathered to watch the Confederations Cup game, then realised that this was a demonstration to support the protests in their home country. In compare to British demonstrations with serious looking protesters screaming and showing out angrily, Brazilian counterparts looked rather happy and enjoyed taking photos and chatting with their friends. I’ve never been to Brazil and never seen so many Brazilians together in one place! According to Wikipedia, community groups estimated in 2007 that between 130,000 and 160,000 Brazilians were likely to be living in London (I guess including both legally and illegally), and their most common jobs were involved in the cleaning industry, hotel work and catering, other services, couriers, and theconstruction industry.



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