Burro e Salvia @ Redchurch Street, Shoreditch

ユーロ危機のせいかどうかは分からないけれど、ここ数年で、イタリア人経営のお店が増えているように思う。6月頭にRedchurch Streetにオープンした、Burro e Salvia(イタリア語で「バターとセージ」の意)もその一つ。


I am not sure if it is related to the Euro crisis, recently we have seen more opening of restaurants and cafes with Italian owners in London. This Burro e Salvia (butter and sage in Italian), opened at the beginning of June on Redchurch Street, is one of them.

When you go through the entrance, first you see the deli counter selling handmade pasta and mozzrella cheese etc, and then a small area where female staffs make fresh pasta. There are only two small tables for two and a lager sharing table on the eat-in space on the back. The space is small, but chicly decorated and has a lot of light coming through the skylight. Their pasta are handmade daily, and though choice of weekly changing pasta dishes (served 12-3pm) are only a handful, but delicious and even reasonable which are under £10. They also have all day plates from the deli counter such as prosciutto ham and mozazrella cheese, as well as deserts.  A little gem of the area.

アンティーク調の食器棚 / Antique cupboard


Espresso is served with ‘MOKA’ pot. It tastes better with Sicilian almond milk (extra 50 pence).


3 responses to “Burro e Salvia @ Redchurch Street, Shoreditch

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  2. everydaylifestyle

    Dear Daniel, I love your place & food! Will come back soon ;-)

  3. Thank you for stopping by and visiting… and for the lovely write-up!
    – Daniel

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