Tonic Coffee Bar @ Sherwood Street, Piccadilly Circus

Tonic Coffee Barは、ピカデリー・サーカスの裏道に最近出来た、ちっちゃなカフェ。でも規模は小さくても、SpeakeasyDepartment of Coffee and Social Affairs等と同じく、コーヒーにこだわりを持つロンドンのコーヒー店のネットワークであるCoffee Collectiveの一員だ。


Tonic Coffee Bar is a tiny, tiny café, appeared recently on a back street of Piccadilly Circus. It is really small, but it is a proud member of Coffee Collective, a network of quality coffee shops in London, together with Speakeasy and Department of Coffee and Social Affairs.

They serve artisan coffee as well as small tableful of cakes and pastries. Tonic has only 3 counter stools for eat-in, so it is not the perfect place for chit-chat with your friends. Just pop in and have a quick shot, as Italians do at their favourite ‘bar‘ (=equivalent to a café in Italy).


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