“Art Everywhere” Public Art Event

Art Everywhereは、一般投票で選ばれたイギリスのアート作品57点のポスター22,000枚を、イギリス全土の屋外広告やバス停などに「展示」する、公共アートイベント。期間は8月12日から25日までと、残念ながら終わってしまったのだが、まだ取り外されていないポスターもあるかもしれない。イギリスの成人90%がポスターを見ると試算。資金£30,000はテートやThe Art Fund、人々からの寄付でまかなわれ、ポスターをはる場所は広告業界から提供された(詳細)。ウィリアム・ホガースジョン・エヴァレット・ミレージョゼフ・マロード・ウィリアム・ターナージェームズ・マクニール・ホイッスラーフランシス・ベーコンデイヴィッド・ホックニーピーター・ドイグギャリー・ヒュームダミアン・ハーストマーティン・クリードなど、古典からコンテンポラリーまで、イギリスが誇るアーティストの作品が街を彩った。


Art Everywhere is public art event, showcasing 57 British artworks selected through a public vote on 22,000 billboards, bus stops and other sites across the UK. Unfortunately it had been running from August 12–25 and now it’s over, but you may be able to spot some of them still not removed. It was estimated that 90% of the UK’s adult population would see the posters. Cost of the event £30,000 was funded by Tate, The Art Fund and a public funding campaign, and advertising industry had donated poster sites (more details). The list of artists are varied from young to old and from classic to contemporary, including William Hogarth, John Everett Millais, J. M. W. Turner, James Abbott McNeill Whistler, Francis Bacon, Peter Blake, David Hockney, Peter Doig, Michael Craig-Martin, Gary Hume, Damien Hirst, and Martin Creed (full list).

The posters were everywhere, literally. I am sure many people had seen some of those posters as well, but the I am not sure how many of them had known about the event and why the posters were there. I haven’t met anyone talking about it and there was no details about the event written on a poster, as you can see. The concept is interesting, but it is a bit of a waste if people don’t notice it.


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