StreetSmart: Helping the Homeless Charity


ホームレスの方々を助ける事は素晴らしいことであるし、£1余分に払うのも嫌ではない。ただ、へそ曲がりの私が気になるのは、寄付が自動的に付け加えられること。カードには、寄付は「voluntary(任意)」なので、もし寄付をしたくなければ「just say so!(ただそう言えばいい)」と太字で書いてあるけれど、誰がそんなことできる?誰だってケチに見られたくないし、弱者救済の寄付にノーと言える勇気がある人なんて、ほとんどいない。そもそも£1お勘定に上乗せされていたとしても、その事に気付く人も少ない。その辺を考慮しての上手い戦略だ。また、この寄付はホームレスのチャリティ限定なので、ホリデーシーズンに寄付を必要としている他の慈善団体に対して不公平な気もする。私としては、誰に、どうやって、いくら寄付するかは自分で決めたいというのが本音。表立って言えないけれど、同じような考えの人はたくさんいる。


Every year during November and December, you may see a small card of StreetSmart, a charity for the homeless, on your table at many restaurants or it comes together with your bill. The card explains the idea of the charity and a £1 donation is added by the participating restaurants to your bill. In 2012, £805,000 was raised to help fight homelessness across the UK.

Great cause – I know it and I don’t mind to pay extra £1 to my bill. However, I don’t really fancy the idea that £1 is automatically added without asking you. In the card, it is said that it is voluntary and you just say so! in bold if you don’t want to contribute, but who has a courage to say no to a waiter? Nobody want to look cheap or dares to go against the great charity. Some wouldn’t even notice the extra charge if you don’t have a habit to scrutinize the bill. Also all the money goes to homeless charity, so you can’t choose where the donation goes to, and this system is unfair for other charities that also desperately need money for the holiday season. I prefer to choose to whom I donate, and how and how much I give on my own, instead of this little card tell me to do so… Please don’t blame on me about this, as many others think the same but just don’t say so publicly.

In addition I don’t like the fact that some restaurants join this scheme just to look good that they care about people in need, without contributing anything themselves rather than just sending off the money collected from their customers. I would feel more comfortable to donate if restaurants, who earn more money during this season, also add up like 50p or £1 on top of the donation from the customers, as my donation would contribute to raise more money to the charity.




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