Caffeine: The Coffee Lover’s Magazine



As well as the growing popularity of East London, demand for quality coffee has been increased in recent years in London. As you know, tea is British proud tradition, and it was hard to find a decent cup of espresso in London about 10 years ago, and nobody knew about now well-liked and also my favorite Flat white. But today you can find it everywhere!

Founded early this year, Caffeine is a free magazine for coffee lovers, focusing on the independent coffee scene in London and other parts of UK. It is available online or print edition as well as their app. But I like their print version – it is all in color and well-designed, and I love the touch and smell of the paper they use. You can tell that the editors of this sleek magazines are really into coffee, and you learn a lot about coffee and London’s café scenes. Interested? Go and pick up your copy at London’s independent coffee shops (Photo above: their 6th & latest Dec/Jan 2013/04 issue).

Snapshot of the most beautiful espresso machines they found


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